Articles #2 and #3 -

Formatting and Writing Articles #2 and #3

NOTE: Articles #2 and #3 take place in the same decade as Article #1 but they can be on any topic the student chooses. :-)

  Write Article Title Here:____________________________

  Paragraph 1

  1. Include an engaging first sentence to introduce this article.
  2. Who/what is the person, idea, event or idea in history?
  3. What year did it happen?
  4. Where did it happen? 

   Paragraph 2

  1. Explain WHO “all” was involved.
  2. Why did this happen? 
  3. What caused this event or idea? 
  4. How was this “idea” received by the public of the day?.
  5. Other?

    *Extra Challenge Optional:  Find an actual quote that someone said about your topic and insert this into this paragraph!

   Paragraph 3

  1. Why is this person, idea or event important to learn about? 
  2. How does history change because of this person, idea or event?
  3. What is the legacy and long lasting impact of this topic in history?
  4. Conclude with a strong closing sentence!
  5. Other?

   Paragraph 4:

*Extra Challenge Optional:  If you’d like to write a 4th paragraph, it is your choice!