To Parents and all patrons interested in donating supplies, please drop them off at the art room.
Any other concerns ,feel free to contact me, Joseph Palm, by phone or e-mail.            
(612)-668-9809 or


 1)Low-fire  (04-06) transparent glaze.

2) Low-fire under glaze or glaze of the following hues;
    Variations of blue, red, green,black, white,or brown.

3) Low-fire red or white earthenware clay.

4) Kneaded erasers

5) Chalk Portrait Pastels, chalk pastel pencils (preferably black or white)

6) Paint Brushes; fine-tip rounds, brights, filberts, or flats (natural or sythetic)

7) Watercolor  Paper

8) Volunteers: Responsibilities include assisting in the display of artwork and 
     artroom maintenance.