201   Weekly News. December 2-6, 2019


Monday— day 2  gym

      We learned three new words for our word wall today.  Ask me what the words are (go, and, help).  We put wood in water today to see if it would sink or float.  Ask me what happened.  Then we put paper clips on our wood boats to make them sink.  Ask me about this experiment and what happened. 


Tuesday-day 3 art

      We went to Ms. Harrich’s second grade classroom to watch their plays and puppet shows based on fables.  It was really good.  Ask me about it.  We also worked on 3d shapes.  We talked about the names of the shapes and the different parts of the shapes like the face, edge, and vertices.


Wednesday – day 4  music

     We had a substitute teacher today.  We did a great job for the sub. 


Thursday— day 5 media

     We went to the computer lab today.  We made bells with an AB pattern chain so we can pull one chain off each night until winter break.  In science we sanded wood and then made our own plywood. 


Friday— day 6  art

    We celebrated Adeline’s halvsie birthday today.  We made 3d shape books.  We had sketchpad time with friend. 

A Look Ahead

     Wednesday, December 11th  Art Adventure in the classroom.


     201   Weekly News. November 18 -22, 2019


Monday— day 3  art

      We read the story Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom.  This is the play we will be doing for you next week.  We made a coconut tree with our name on it and hung them around the room. 


Tuesday-day 4 music

      In math we played a game called caterpillar fill.  We rolled a shape die and used the shapes to fill in a caterpillar.  In reading we are learning about making predictions.  Ask me what a prediction is and ask me about the story we read. Turkey Trouble


Wednesday – day 5  media

     We had an assembly this morning.  We watched some Native American dancers.  It was amazing.  We worked on retelling the story Turkey Trouble using beginning, middle, and end.  We played a game in math called last shape in wins.  We got to check out books in media today. J


Thursday— day 6 art

     We went to the computer lab today.  We got new table spots and new carpet spots today.  Ask me what table I sit at and who I sit with now.  We made a picture retell of the story Turkey Trouble.  Ask me to use it to retell the story to you.


Friday— day 7 music+

    We had STEAM activities this afternoon.  Please ask me about the class I went to and what I did there.


A Look Ahead

     Tuesday, November 26th  Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom  play in our classroom at 2:30pm. 

(feel free to take your child home with you after the performance)






     201   Weekly News. November 11 - 15, 2019


Monday— day 6  art

      We got a new student today!  Her name is Betsy.  We are very excited to have her in our class.  She comes all the way from Washington D.C.  We read a story called The Tortoise and The Hare.  We are working on fables.  Ask me what a fable is.  We are also working on characters in a story and how they can change over the course of the story.


Tuesday-day 7 music +

      We are working on 3d shapes in math.  We are working on the terms face, edge, and corner or vertices.  Ask me to name some 3d shapes and tell you what those terms mean. 


Wednesday – day 8  music

     Today is World Kindness Day.  We read kindness stories and did two kindness activities.  Ask me about the wrinkled heart and the story Chrysanthemum.   It snowed this morning.  We had fun playing in the snow at recess.


Thursday— day 1 music+

     We read a story called The Little Helper.  Ask me to retell the story to you using characters, setting, problem, and solution.  We went to the computer lab today.  We are working on the material wood in science.  Ask me what happens when you drop water on a piece of wood.


Friday— day 2 gym

     Sergio’s mom came in today and taught us a fun lesson.  Ask me about what we did.  We had sketchpad time with friends. 


A Look Ahead

    Friday, November 22nd.  STEAM day at school in the p.m.

     Tuesday, November 26th  Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom  play in our classroom at 2:30pm. 



 201   Weekly News. November 4 - 8, 2019


Monday— day 1  music+

      We got a new student today!  Her name is Hazel.  We are very excited to have her in our class.  It was white day.  It has been fun to see so many people dressed in the color of the day.  We read a story called No Dogs Allowed in School.  We talked about why that would be a good rule and about characters in a story.


Tuesday-day 2 gym

      We are finishing up color days.  We have put the colors up in our classroom and the color words on the word wall.  We read another story called Rules are Cool.  We discussed characters and retelling the story using beginning, middle, and end. 


Wednesday – day 3  art

     We will be getting another new student on Monday.  Her name is Betsy.  The story we read yesterday was about a girl who was new to the classroom and how everyone could help her learn the rules.  It was a great story to discuss.


Thursday— day 4 music

     We talked about kindness today.  We read a story about kindness and watched a short Sesame Street video/song on kindness.  Our goal for the day was to do one kind thing. J  We talked about it at closing circle.  It was fun to hear them talk about their acts of kindness.


Friday— day 5 media

Mrs. Delebo was not here today so we did not get to check out books.  On the plus side we spent the morning at Crayola and it was so much fun.  Ask me about all the things I did.


 201   Weekly News  October 28-31, 2019


Monday— day 5  media

      We got to check out books in media today! We continued to practice our 2d shapes and make patterns with them.  We also talked about sides and corners.   


Tuesday-day 6  art

      We had a guest speaker today.  Ms. Alycia came in and talked to us about a special needs student in kindergarten.  We learned about the special equipment he uses and why.  It was very interesting. 


Wednesday – day 7-music+

     We have been working on color sheets to match our color days.  We have been practicing the sounds the letter of the alphabet make.  We read a story about the biggest pumpkin.  Ask me to retell the story.  We are working on a Halloween poem.  Ask me to say the poem and show you the booklet I illustrated.


Thursday— day 8 music

     We had a great Halloween.  Thanks to all the parents who helped make our harvest party so much fun. 


Friday— day

    No school  record keeping day


A Look Ahead

Friday, November 8th  field trip Crayola Experience 10-1pm


201   Weekly News  October 21 - 25, 2019


Monday— day 8  music

      Welcome back!  We had indoor recess today because of the rain.  We played four corners and heads up 7 up.  Ask me how to play these games.  In social studies we played a game of long ago and today.  We did a project after we played the game.


Tuesday-day 1  music +

      We are talking about trees in science.  We learned about the parts of the tree.  Ask me to draw a tree and tell/label the parts.  We also talked about broadleaf/deciduous trees and conifer trees.  Ask me what the difference between the two are.


Wednesday – 2 gym

     We worked on words for the word wall.  We have these words up in the room on the wall.  A, am, brown, can, I, like, orange, purple, red, yellow.  We have also been working on syllables. In math we are working on patterns and 2-d shapes.


Thursday— day 3 art

     We have been talking about rules and why we have rules.  The smarties drew a picture of a rule then wrote the rule.  We worked on the color purple today.  Ask me how to spell purple.  Ask me about all the colors for this week.


Friday— day 4 music

    We read the story A New Pet.  We worked on retelling the story using story elements such as characters, setting, problem, solution.  We went for a leaf walk for science.  We celebrated Kai’s birthday.


A Look Ahead

    Thursday, October 31st  Harvest party 2:30 – 3:40pm

    Friday, November 1st  no school  record keeping day


201   Weekly News. October 14 - 18, 2019


Monday— day 6  art

      We learned about the table top desks in our room and how we can use them to stand at our tables to work.  We can also use them on the floor to kneel at or sit at and work.  In the afternoon we walked to our evacuation site then continued on to Linden Hills Park to play with all our kindergarten friends.  It was a beautiful day and lots of fun. 


Tuesday-day 7  music +

      We learned about the computer lab today.  We celebrated Lola’s birthday.  Her mom came in and read us a story.  Ask me what story she read.  We read a story in the afternoon about fall.  Ask me what I learned about leaves.  Have a good break.  The next two weeks are color days in kindergarten.  See below for the first week of color days.


Wednesday –

     No School conferences



     No school  MEA


Friday— day

     No school MEA



A Look Ahead

    Next week starts color days in kindergarten. This is for all kindergartners.  If you can try to dress in the color for the day.  We will be doing other activities with the colors.

Monday  Orange

Tuesday  Yellow

Wednesday  Brown

Thursday  Purple

Friday  Red


 201   Weekly News. October 7-11, 2019


Monday— day 1  music +

      We started unit one in reading which focuses on rules.  We read a story about rules in soccer.  We talked about communities and how rules differ depending on the community (the rules for school might not be the same rules as home or scouts).  We did reading and math stations.  Ask me what I do each day.


Tuesday-day 2  gym

      We played a game in math called quick images.  Mrs. Rice shows us a pattern of dots and then we have to draw it on our white boards.  It is fun.  We also learned how to make a five frame and then we played the same game with that.


Wednesday – day 3 art

         We had a fire drill today.  We did a fantastic job.  Mrs. Rice gave us some numbers and we worked together to fill in the 100’s chart on the wall.


Thursday—day 4  music

      We went on our field trip today to the old -time farm.  It was very interesting.  We got to pump water and then water the potatoes.  We had a chance to use a roller and wring out the laundry.  Our favorite part was feeding the chickens.


Friday— day 5  media

    Happy Friday.  We had an assembly about the b’s.  Those are the school rules.  Ask me about the b’s.  We looked at items in a trunk from the old-time farm.  Ask me about what was in the trunk.  We had sketchpad time with friends.  Ask me what I drew and who I draw with.


A Look Ahead

     Monday, October 14th  walking field trip to the evacuation site and then to Lyndon Hills park to play

     Tuesday, October 15th  parent/teacher conferences 4-8pm

      Wednesday, October 16th  parent/teacher conferences all day.

     Thursday and Friday, October 17 & 18th  No school MEA




     201   Weekly News. September 23- 27, 2019


Monday— day 7  music +

   We had pajama and stuffie day.  It was fun to see and hear about everyone’s stuffie.  We had extra recess too!  We did the letters Gg and Hh today and worked on our two poems.  In math we learned about dice. 


Tuesday-day 8  music

      We had hat day today.  It was fun to see all the different hats.  We practiced writing our names in the morning.  We worked on the letters Ii and Jj.  We played roll and record in math.  I should be able to roll a die, look at it, and say what number it is without having to count the dots. We had a picnic lunch in the classroom for reaching one of our goals for the Dragon Dash.


Wednesday – day 1  music +

         We had extra sketchpad time and an ice cream treat today.

We worked on the letters Kk and Ll today.  We read a story called LMNO Peas.  In math we continued to work on patterns.


Thursday—day 2  gym

      We did the Dragon Dash today.  It was so much fun.  Ask me all about it.  We were very tired afterward.  We read the story I Like Myself.  We made portraits to hang up in the room.  You will see them at conferences,


Friday— day 3  art

    Happy Friday.  We had an assembly and watched Mrs. Tilleson, Dan the man, and Mr. AJ get their hair dyed.  It was so much fun.  We had our last reward and watched a movie and ate popcorn.  It was a fun day.


A Look Ahead

     Friday, October 4th  Picture Day

     Thursday, October 10th  Field trip to Eidem Farm more info to follow.

      Thursday, October 10th  parent/teacher conferences.




     201   Weekly News.  September 16 - 20, 2019


Monday— day 2  gym

   We started the morning with our Dragon Dash assembly.  It was a lot of fun.  Ask me about the mind spark cheer we learned.  We are focusing on character with the first lesson being about honesty.  Other lessons this week will be gratitude and generosity.


Tuesday-day 3  Art

      We continue to work on rules and routines in our classroom.  Today we learned about the I-pads.  We work on the I-pads in both reading and math.  Ask me about core5 and Dreambox.  We read a funny story called We Don’t Eat Our Classmates.  Ask me

about the story.  We worked on the letter Dd today.


Wednesday – day 4  Music

         We are doing a great job with learning the routines of kindergarten.  We read a story today called I am Enough.  We learned about the letter Ee today.  In math we learned about the penny.  We learned about heads and tails.


Thursday—day 5 Media

      We earned our first reward for the Dragon Dash.  We had silly sock day today.  It was fun to see all the crazy, silly socks.

We read a book called Friends.  We worked on the letter Ff today.  We played head and tails with a penny and recorded our results.


Friday— day 6  Art

    Happy Friday.  We are having crazy hair day.  We earned our 2nd reward for pledges in the Dragon Dash.  We had our peace walk.  Sergio’s mom came in and read a story about peace and then we did a fun activity.  We had sketchpad time in the afternoon. 


A Look Ahead

     Monday, September 23rd  Pajama and stuffie day at school

     Tuesday, September 24th  Hat day with extra recess

     Tuesday, September 24th  Curriculum night.  Come learn about    my day in school.

     Thursday, September 26th  Dragon Dash!!!



     201   Weekly News. September 9 - 13, 2019


Monday— day 5  Media

    Welcome back to kindergarten.  We are working on learning school routines and rules.  We worked on the letter Aa today.  We read an alphabet story and worked on rhyming words.  Please give me a word and ask me to rhyme with it.  Ask me about our Aa poem. 


Tuesday-day 6  Art

   We worked on the letter Bb today.  We made a bee with the Be Rules for Lake Harriet.  We also did a Bb poem.  Ask me about the poem.  We learned about shapes today and then explored our pattern block shapes.


Wednesday – day 7  Music +

         We practiced a fire drill today.  We did a fantastic job!  We talked about school and classroom rules.  We wrote some rules on the board.  We all agreed to follow those rules so we signed the board with special markers.  Ask me about Pete the Cat’s special box.  It is our way of learning about tools in our classroom.


Thursday—day 8  Music

      We learned about AB and ABC patterns today.  We explored unifix cubes and made patterns with them.  Ask me about AB and ABC patterns.  We started learning about the letter Cc today.  We read a fun book called The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat.  We traced a cat and colored it. 


Friday— day 1  Music +

    Happy Friday.  We finished learning about the letter Cc today.  We did our Cc poem.  We learned about I-pads and sketchpads today.  We celebrated Mia’s birthday today.  Her dad came in and read her favorite book from home.  It was fun.


A Look Ahead

     *The Dragon Dash starts next week.  Watch for more information.


     *Tuesday is folder day.  All school information and forms come home on this day.


     *If you have not returned your T-shirt slip with money please do so as soon as possible.  These are the shirts we wear for field trips and special days.  Our first field trip is in October. 


     *We will have gym on Monday (day 2)  please remember to have your child wear tennis shoes.