September 24

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Geometry after school: (8th grade students) it will start on October 25th. The registration will be with after school program so students can be able to have bus transportation.  Once the registration form will finalize, I will give it to my students.

Students want to attend but have other activities such as sport or music, they can communicate with me and I will accommodate their need.


Math Support class:  Monday 8:15 AM- by invitation only


Unit 1 test for Intermediate Algebra and Geometry will be this week. Students cannot retake unit test. The unit test will be from unit 1-concept checks.

Students can retake any concept checks for unit 1 until the end of this week only.


District FastBridge test for all students this Thursday during math class.


Grade will be updated by 7:00 PM today.



This week in Intermediate Algebra we will finish Unit 1: Applied Linear Function. Students will work on equation of parallel and perpendicular lines.

Unit 1 test will be this Friday.

Unit 1 resources:



In Geometry we will finish Unit 1: Lines and Angles.  Unit 1 test will be this Wednesday.

Unit 1 resources:



I’m available this week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 am, and everyday at lunch B.

I am also available after school by appointment.


Thank you very much,

Abir Ismail