Week of October 8

Dear Parents/Guardians,


I am grateful that I get to work with you and your children. Your support gives me the strength as a teacher and makes my workplace an exciting one.


In Intermediate Algebra We will continue Unit 2: Systems of Equations and Inequalities. Students will work on solving multi-step equations and inequalities.

Course website: https://sites.google.com/a/mpls.k12.mn.us/lh-algebra/courses/course-a


In Geometry we will start Unit 2: Triangles Part 1. Student will learn about the properties of triangles and the four centers of a triangle.

Course website:https://sites.google.com/a/mpls.k12.mn.us/lh-algebra/home/geometry



You will meet with your child’s advisor, but if you would also like to meet with me regarding math class, I have some open slots.




Before and After School Geometry

The name of the course is Mathematics of Mandala. The class will begin October 24th for Wednesday mornings from 8:20-9:20 AM , and October 25th for Thursdays from 4:10-5:45 PM.

If your child decided to join the class, please encourage your child to return the registration form by the end of this week (The registration form is attached).  

Math Support class:  Mondays at 8:15 AM- by invitation only.

Thank you very much for encouraging your children to attend.

This is a hands-on way to build reasoning to connect this year’s content with prior elementary skills.


Grades: The grades will be updated and finalized by 8:00 AM on Monday.


Bathroom passes. What a success!!

After implementing the new bathroom passes rule last week, we have decreased the amount of students leaving class during instruction by 90%!

Thank you for your support.


7th Grade Behavior Plan


I am collecting data during my 5th hour on how many times I need redirect any of my students.

The students that I need to redirect every day during my 5th hour will be added on a Google document that will be shared with their parents. The document will update the number of times the student needs to be redirected, daily.

If the trend of redirection is not decreasing by the end of the week, I will ask for a meeting with the parents and administration to find a solution together.


Parental Involvement is Key to the Success of Students. Academic achievement increases when parents are involved in their children's education. Parental involvement also leads to better classroom behavior.

Take a few minutes to read this beautiful article:


I’m available this week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 am, and everyday during Lunch B.

I am also available after school by appointment.


Thank you very much,

Abir Ismail