Geometry after school: (8th grade students)

The registration form attached. The name of the course is Mathematics of Mandala.  The class will start October 24th. The class will be on Thursday, from 4:10 -5:45 PM.

Students want to attend but have other activities such as sport or music; they can register for Wednesday morning from 8:20-9:20 AM. The first session


Bathroom passes

I was collecting data about how much class time student’s waste everyday by going to the bathroom during math class. I noticed almost the same students go everyday. To help students manage their time and do not miss math instruction, I will give each student 5 passes per quarter.


This week in Intermediate Algebra Unit 1: Applied Linear Function test tomorrow. We will start Unit 2: Systems of Equations and Inequalities this Wednesday; Students will work on equation of parallel and perpendicular lines.


In Geometry we will start Unit 2: Triangles Part 1 tomorrow. Student will learn about the properties of triangles.


I’m available this week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 am, and everyday at lunch B.

I am also available after school by appointment.


Thank you very much,