Math news January 7

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Happy New Year!


This break was a great opportunity to understand the need of my 16 years old. I liked this article and decided to share it with you

7 Phrases That Children Need to Hear From Their Parents:


I also enjoyed watching this movie: “Hichki” with English subtitle

 I wish one day I will be a good caring teacher as the teacher in the movie.


The movie makes me miss my students.  I am looking forward to see my students tomorrow!


In Intermediate Algebra

We will continue unit 5: Transformations of the parent functions.  This week we will work on vertical and horizontal translation; and reflection. Students will take concept check next Monday.


Unit 3 and 5 material


Homework calendar



In Geometry

We are working on Unit3: Triangles part 2

Which cover ratio and Trigonometry. This week will work on solving right triangles using the six trig ratios and its inverse. We will also learn  the law of sine and cosine. Students will take concept check next Monday.



Grade: I updated the entire grades; students can return any missing assignment for full credit until the end of the semester.


Volunteer opportunity:


I am looking for classroom volunteers to help empower students working in math to build skills and cultivate confidence in themselves.  I am looking for volunteers in 1st, 3rd, or 4th hours classes.


Math support class: We have math support class this Monday before school.



Mathematics of Mandala Class


Wednesday morning from 8:15 AM

Thursday after school will finish by 5:15 PM.


We will cover Pythagorean triple and special triangles


I am available this week:

Monday, and Friday before school

Everyday during Lunch B except Friday

And after school except Thursday


Abir Ismail