Newsletter January 28

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Thank you very much for your support. Your support to our math class is the strength that makes me enjoy teaching at Lake Harriet.


*I attached the course description from Southwest High School to give you an idea of the coming math courses at Southwest.  Math p.46-50


Advance pathway in Southwest did not cover geometry and it is 30% of the ACT test. You need a high ACT score to join any four year collage.

Many students (from 1st, 3rd, and 4th hours) asked to join the advance path way in Southwest and I promised them to give the recommendation under two conditions

1.    Exceed in MCA

2.    Take the geometry class (Mathematics of Mandala) before or after school

Wednesday morning from 8:20 AM

Thursday after school will finish by 5:15 PM.

**My concern is that there is too many students signed for the class but did not attend. I will not be able to give the letter if they attend 90% of the class.

They have to attend once a week either before school Wednesday or after school Thursday, they can mix and match.


I will have few changes this semester:

1. This semester I will attach the classwork to the grade book and you can access the homework from the website

2. I will not be able to be in school before 8:20 AM, as I have to give my daughter ride to school this semester.

3. Some students will be invited to join math intervention either through AmeriCorps program or attending second hour with me once a week. You will get an email you if your child gets selected.

**Math support class will continue this semester as usual on Mondays from 8:20 AM



In Intermediate Algebra

This week we will finish Unit 5 Transformations project and we will cover Domain and Range.

We will start unit 4: Exponential Function on Friday.



In Geometry

This week we will review trigonometry and finish Unit 3 by learning about the similarity in triangles.




Volunteer opportunity:


I am looking for classroom volunteers to help empower students working in math to build skills and cultivate confidence in themselves.  I am looking for volunteers in 1st, 3rd, or 4th hour’s classes for the third quarter.

1st hour from 10:00-11:00

3rd hour from 11:45-12:45

4th hour from 12:45-1:35



I am available this week:

Friday before school from 8:20 AM

Everyday during Lunch B except Friday

And after school except Wednesday and Thursday


Thank you very much,

Abir Ismail