I will be absent on Monday December 10th. I decided to postpone the unit test for all my classes to that day. I will take advantage of the days I am at school to teach instead of leaving a concept to my substitute teacher.

There will be no support class before school on Monday 12-10-2018.


In Intermediate Algebra

This Monday: Spiral review, Students will review Pythagorean theorem.

The rest of the week we will work on Unit 3: Function

I need your help to guide your child and encourage them to study for the unit 2 test. This unit covers 10 learning targets; I included them in the attached review packet. The review packet has sample questions with an explanation and answer key. There are many videos on the website. One example of how to study is that they could try a question from the review packet and check if they can answer it. I am available all week to reteach any concept, but students need to come on their own time and advocate for their learning.

Students can retake any concept check before the unit test. They cannot retake the unit test.


Unit 2 material:  https://sites.google.com/a/mpls.k12.mn.us/lh-algebra/courses/course-a/system-of-equations-and-inequalities


In Geometry

This week we will work on the unit 2 project that focuses on the four centers of a triangle.

And we will learn about similarity, which is the introduction to our trigonometry unit.


Grades are up to date, please check your child’s math grade and encourage them to return any missing assignments or retake any missing concept checks for full credit.


Rulers’ issue:  I found inappropriate words on the rulers. As a result, I got rid of all the rulers and asked my students to buy their own and keep it in their binder.


Mathematics of Mandala Class

Wednesday morning from 8:15 AM

Thursday after school class will be an hour only. We will finish by 5:15.



I am available this week:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before school

Everyday during Lunch B and after school