Welcome Back

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome Back! I hope you have a wonderful summer!

 I am so excited to teach your children this year, because I already know what they know, and where to start right away as I taught them last year. 

The Intermediate Algebra and the Geometry Syllabus are posted on my website

I did a students' survey last June about my teaching and the class routine. I did some modification to accommodate my students’ feedback.

1. Homework: No note packet

Students will get a notebook to do their homework in. Notebooks are color-coded depending on a student’s class hour.

 Students will be asked to watch a short video at home and record questions and their answers in their notebook. Then they will practice a couple of questions that will be similar to the ones in the video. Then they will answer a review question and an optional challenge question.

Students will share their thinking on how they solve the review and the challenge questions next day in class.

Monday is the only day to accept any missing homework from the previous week.  No late homework will be accepted after Monday.

Last year, some students accumulated the homework until the end of the quarter and got overwhelmed by the work.

2.  Classwork: 

Students will do practice questions in class as last year

3. Organization Grade:

In order to help students be independent learners, they will have a weekly effort grade based on weekly work completion and binder organization.

4. Quizzes: 

Students will have a two-question concept check (Quiz) every Friday. They can retake it any time before the unit test.

5. Spiral and cumulative work day:

Every Monday Students will work together in class on accumulative assignment to help them grasp the content and connect all the learning targets. 


Students may re-take learning target quizzes (concept check) in order to demonstrate increased mastering of the topic. Before re-taking an assessment, students will be asked to demonstrate additional practice on the learning target, and the assessment may occur in a different format than the original assessment. All re-do’s, retakes, and revisions are due before the end of the unit.  

7. Every unit will have a unit test and a project. The test will be from the concept check questions. I am expected my students to retake the concept check if need it before the unit test.

8. To get my students ready for the high school rigorous, there is No retake for the unit test. 


9. I will communicate with you next week about my available time. Most probably it will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before school, and during lunch B.

I am also available after school by appointment

If you have any questions you can contact me by e-mail.

Thank you very much,


Abir Ismail