Week 5

Monday, September 30

DUE:              Extra Credit Silvina Moreno Madlib (sorry, no late work)

Songs:             Interrogativas, Pronombres personales, La familia de los verbos

Practice:           Rapidísimo de los verbos (circle the correct verb)

Group:             Correct Rapidísimo

Tables:             Discuss meaning of sentences

Review:           #1-220 (to talk about room numbers)

Classwork:    Classes Interview

                        With your partner, exchange information about your classes/teachers

                        Use your handout for help!

                        TURN IN

Homework:    Define 1B Adjectives

                        DUE:  Tuesday, October 1

                        Verb Crossword

                        DUE:  Wednesday, October 2

Tuesday, October 1

DUE:              1B Adjectives

Preview:          Hola, Mi Amigo Song 

Group:            Try to pick up vocabulary, meaning from song (jot notes)

                        ¿De qué habla la canción?

                        ¿Qué quiere decir la canción?

Game:              Alrededor del Mundo (adjetivos)

Tables:             Define list of 25 “Adjetivos”

Group:             ¿Quién es serio?  Move to the correct location of the room

                        (siempre, todos los días, muchas veces, a veces, de vez en cuando, nunca)

Classwork:    Los Adjetivos- work with 5 clock partners

                        Keep track (s,tld, mv, av, dvc, n) of how often they feel a particular way 

                        ¿Eres serio?  Sí, a veces soy seria.  –No, nunca soy seria.

Homework:    Finish Verb Crossword

                        Fill in the name of a student for “Somos Así” (Bill- romántico)

                        DUE:  Wednesday, October 2

Wednesday, October 2

DUE:              Verb Crossword & Somos Así (names only)

Song:               Hola, mi amigo (fill in the missiing lyrics)

Classwork:    Finish “Adjetivos”

                        Somos Así (ask, respond, (dis)agree with partner, share your opinión)

                        Alternate iniciating each mini conversation (follow model/options below)

Notes:              1)         En tu opinión, ¿Quién es romántico?   

                        2)         En mi opinión, nadiees romántico.

                                    En mi opinión, Camerones romántico.


                        3)         (No) Estoy de acuerdo. I (don't) agree.

                                    Tú (no) tienes razón. You're (not) right.


                        4)         En mi opinión, Bobes románticotambién.

                                    En mi opinión, Bobes másrománticoqueCam.

                                    En mi opinión, Bobes tanrománticocomoCam.

Thursday, October 3

DUE:              TURN IN Somos Así & 25 Adjetivos (if you transferred them to Master List)

Songs:             2A, 3A,  La familia de los verbos

Game:              Cadena de los verbos (3A)

Tables:             Identify the verbs in Hola, mi amigo by circling/underlining them

Writing:           What is the infinitive to the above verbs?

                        Identify & define, conjugate estar, contar (stem-changing), & querer

Friday, October 4

Songs:             La familia de los verbos & Hola

Group:             Place your conjugated verbs (“Hola”) in the correct space under the infinitive

Writing:           Copy the conjugated verbs onto the Verb Grid

Handout:         Verb Conjugations & Verbs + Infinitives

Homework:    Read Verb Handout

                        Create 15 more questions for your « Fin de semana » Survey

                        Follow each « ¿Quieres » with an infinitive to ask « Do you want to… ? »

                        DUE:  Monday, October 7