September 16-20

Week 3                                                8thGrade

September16-20, 2019


Monday, September 16

Cover Books

Song:               Canción de Gustar

Review:           Gustar Conjugation

Q & A:            Pp. 4-5, ¿Qué te gusta hacer?  ¿Qué te gusta más, __ o __?

                        ¿Cómo eres?  ¿Eres más __ o __?

Read:               P. 6, La carta de Jaime

                        Read your own letter to your partner

Group:             Comprehension questions based on reading

Writing:           Mi Identicdad Nueva (write full sentences explaining your new name, age, b-day,                            origin, 2 likes, 2 dislikes)

Homework:    Finish Identidad Nueva sentences if necessary

                        DUE:  Tuesday, September 17

Tuesday, September 17


DUE:              Textbook Work (Friday, Sept. 13)

                        Book Cover

                        8 Rompecabezas

Song:               Quién es who..

Practice:           #1-105

Handout:         Gustar Conjugation

Writing:           Write out the findings to one of your “Identidad Nueva” Friends

                        (Follow sentence prompts)

Classwork:    Mi Identidad Nueva

                        Complete the Graphic Organizer on reverse (5 ideas each)

Homework:    Finish Identidad Nueva

                        DUE:  Wedesday, September 18

Wednesday, September 18

Pass back homework

Discuss:          Late/Missing Work

DUE:              Mi Identidad Nueva/Graphic Organizer

Read:               Read your paragraph (3rd person) to your partner first

                        Adivina, ¿quién es? 

Video:             ¿Puedo ir al baño?

Review:           la ciudad, los lagos, la piscina (pública), el traje de baño y bikini

Classwork:    El cuento del Sr. Nadamucho

                        -Listen 4 times  -Color appropriately  -6 point quiz

Writing:           On the back of El Sr. Nadamucho, draw 5 things that represent you

                        Write 1-5 sentences about MY pictures (tell me about Ms. Sparks)

Thursday, September 19

Song:               ¿Quién? Is who…

Warm-up:        Write a paragraph about your friend, according to their drawings

Read:               Read your description to the table

Books:             Check for book covers

Quiz:               Practice Gustar Quiz

Listening:        Silvina Moreno (listen twice and pick out familiar words)

Reading:          Read Silvina’s transcript with your table & decode

Group:             Translate her transcript

Homework:    Study for Gustar Quiz

                        Think of something that we do in the U.S. similar to “la hora del té”

                        DUE:  Friday, September 20


Friday, September 20

TEST:            Gustar Quiz (15 points)

Classwork:    Gustar Survey

                        -speak to every student in the class, pretend you don’t know them

                        -greet, ask name, how are you, gustar question

                        -keep track of answers (!, +, ~, -)

Homework:    Hours 2-5

                        Write out 10 findings to your Gustar Survey, follow the prompts:

                        1-3: A Bob… (tell me about 3 classmates)

                        4-5: A ___ y a mí nos (tell me what you and someone else enjoy)

                        6-7: A ___ y a mí no nos (tell me what you and someone else DO NOT enjoy)

                        8: A mí…pero no me… (1 like, 1 dislike)

                        9: A mí me encanta…(1 thing you love)

                        10: A mí no me gusta nada (1 thing you don’t like at all)

                        DUE: Tuesday, September 23