September 16-20

Week 3                                                7thGrade

September 16-20, 2019


Monday, September 16

Read:               Pp. 2-4, review bold-faced vocabulary

Group:             ABCs

Song:               Meses

Practice:           Months & Numbers

Classwork:    Birthday Survey (Meses Song)

                        ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?  -Mi cumpleaños es el 18de noviembre.

                        ¿Qué haces en tu cumpleaños? (choose one to share)

                         - En mi cumpleaños…Yo como el pastel.  Yo abro regalos.

                        Yo paso tiempo con amigos.  Yo voy a un restaurante.  Me divierto.

Song:               Saludos y Despedidas

Tuesday, September 17

DUE:              Textbook Work (Friday, 9/16) & Spanish Name

Q & A:            ¿Cómo te llamas?  ¿Cómo se escribe…?  (Share your new names with 10 people)

Song:               Saludos y Despedidas

Handout:         Week 1, Q & A

Writing:           Translate Song in the margin

Notes:              ¿Qué significa águila?  -Águilasignifica eagle.

                        ¿Qué significa <<¿Qué tal>>?  -Qué tal significa what’s up?  

Wednesday, September 18

Review:           ABCs- Test is Friday, September 20

Song:               El baile de los colores

Group:             Color “los colores” lyrics the appropriate color

Notes:              Every noun and adjective must agree in gender (masc/fem) and number (sing/pl)

                                                Singular                     Plural

                        Masculine       el libro                         los libros

                        Femenine        la mesa                        las mesas

Practice:           ¿De qué color es la bandera?  La bandera es verde, blancay roja.

                        ¿De qué color es el libro?  El libro es verdeblancoy rojo.

                        “Air draw” shapes

                        Match the colors and shapes (Spanish - English)

Homework:    Complete the coloring on the 2-sided worksheet

                        DUE:  Thursday, September 19

Thursday, September 19

Song:               Los Colores y Los Saludos y Despedidas (act out)

Practice:           ABCs, #1-31, Days, Months, Colors 

Notes:              ¿Cuál es tu color favorito?

                        -Mi color favorito es…

                        -Mis colores favoritos son…y…

Q & A:            Interview 5 students- Spanish name & favorite color(s)

Writing:           Ejercicio de Los Saludos song, A & B

A-  M/C, Saludo, Despedida o Introducción

Homework:    Part B, Los Saludos Song

                        -prepare for two interviews

                        -write in two different expressions in each column

                        DUE:  Friday, September 20

Friday, September 20

TEST:            ABC Quiz

SKIT:             Intro Skit


•Use information learned beginning with the first day of class.

•Prepare a written dialogue with one partner from class.

•Each student is responsible for writing both their lines of the dialogue, and the lines of their partner.

Both partnersmust complete the following requirements:


1) Greet one another

2) Ask the person’s name, & respond to their partner’s question

3) Ask how they’re doing, & respond to their partner’s question

4) Ask when their birthday is, & respond to their partner’s question

5) Ask where their partner is from, & respond to their partner’s question

6) Explain that it is a pleasure to meet them

7) Say good-bye


Grading- Please review oral & written rubrics for more details


Written- 20 points

•Spelling, accent marks and punctuation 

•Word order

•Include all above requirements, #1-7

Use different expressionsto ask and answer questions (MORE points)


Oral- 20 points

•Memorize dialogue, or at least include all components when presenting

Practice, dialogue must appear well rehearsed

•Keep reading your skit over and over outside of class

•Once you have the skit fairly well rehearsed, ask a family member to read your partners lines or call your partner on the phone and rehearse