Week 2

Week 2                                                8thGrade

September 9-13, 2019


Monday, September 9

Song:               Mambo

Notes:              ¿Te gusta jugar al atletismo?

                        -Sí, me gusta (mucho) jugar al atletismo.

                        -Sí, me gusta (un poco) jugar al atletismo.

                        -No, no me gusta (nada) jugar al atletismo.

                        -No sé jugar al atletismo. (I don’t know how to play).

                        -No sé.  Nunca he jugado al atletismo.

Q & A:            Use “Deportes” Handout

                        Use the expressions above to respond to your partner’s questions 

Tables:             Brainstorm the rules about “gustar”

Read:               Gustar & Friends

Q & A:            5 Gustar questions

                        ¿Qué te gusta hacer?  ¿Te gusta bailar?  ¿Qué te gusta más, bailar o cantar?

                        ¿Te gusta el helado?    ¿Te gustan los plátanos?

Song:               La Canción de Gustar

Homework:    Finish 50 Cosas que me encantan 

                        DUE:  Tuesday, September 10


Tuesday, September 10

DUE:              50 Cosas que me encantan

Song:               La Canción de Gustar

Game:              Cadena de 1A Vocabulary

Writing:           Complete the “gustar” sentence wih the correct pronoun & verb

Tables:             Compare answers

Group:             Correct #1-10 practice

Writing:           Write the correct question for the interview tomorrow

                        La Canción de Gustar, Part B

Wednesday, September 11

Song:               La Canción de Gustar

Warm-up:        Gustar #1-9, M/C (complete individually)

Tables:             Explain reason for your correct M/C answer

Game:              Cadena 1A- beat your time!

Classwork:    Canción, Parte B Interviews- write a detail

Notes:              ¿A quién le gusta(n)…?  (Who likes…)- Share details

Writing:           Copy Rompecabezas de Gustar #1-9 (en inglés)

Thursday, September 12

Check out TEXTBOOKS!

Warm-up:        Copy Rompecabezas or sing La Canción de Gustar

Q & A:            ¿Te gusta(n)…? (Food vocabulary)

Tables:             Re-organiza las palabras para formar una frase buena- Correct!

                        Copy the Spanish under the English equivalent.

Homework:    1) 8 Rompecabezas de Gustar Sentences (English & Spanish), 

                        2) 7 Canción de Gustar Sentences, Part A (be sure to emphasize or clarify TO WHOM the idea/thing is pleasing),

                        3) A book cover or paper grocery bag


Friday, September 13- Ms. Sparks Absent

Students already have a few assignments that are due on Monday, they can work on these first if they wish: 

1)  8 Rompecabezas de Gustar Sentences (English & Spanish), 

2)  7 Canción de Gustar Sentences, Part A (be sure to emphasize or clarify TO WHOM the idea/thing is pleasing)

3). A book cover or paper grocery bag

When finished, please ask them to complete the following activities on a new piece o paper.  They should label each page number and activity number.  This LOOKS LIKE a lot but most is reading and review.

1). Review vocabulary on pages 4-5 and go back to it for help on the activities, ask your partner the questions in bold in the center.

2). P. 6, Read the letter from Jaime.  Follow the format and write your own letter in the 1st person with your own personal information.

3). P. 6, #1- T/F, don't forget to correct the false statements.

4). P. 7, Read Gramática (Infinitives)

5). P. 7, #3- Respond by writing full sentences

6). P. 8, Read Gramática (Adjectives) and review adjectives at the bottom of the page.  

7). P. 8, #5- Talk with your partner and explain what each person is like.  Ex. 1. Gloria es atrevida, deportista y talentosa.

8). P. 9, #6- Read ¿Recuerdas? and complete the sentence scramble.

9). Review pp. 10-11 Vocabulary

10) P. 9, #1- write out schedule and talk about your classes (P. 9, #2) with your partner