Week 12

Monday, November 18

Pass back homework- Please don’t recycle until you see it listed in the portal

Review:           Professions (through letter “f”, florista)

Q & A:            ¿Quieres ser dentista?  -Sí/No, no quiero ser dentista.

                        ¿Te gustaría ser dentista?  -Sí/No, no me gustaría ser dentista.

Read:               Chapter 1, Aventuras de Isabela

Q & A:            Answer comprehension questions based on Ch. 1

Listening:        Audio 5A #7 (tener, tener que, gustar)

Writing:           Use your ¿Tienes tíos? Handout to write about 2 family members & yourself

                        ¿Cómo se llama?  ¿Cómo es? ¿Cuántos años tiene?  ¿De dónde es?

                        ¿Qué hace?/¿En qué trabaja?  ¿Qué le gusta hacer?

Homework:    Complete any writing that went unfinished in class

                        Describe 2 of your family members & yourself (see ?s above)

                        DUE:  Tuesday, November 19

Tuesday, November 19

DUE:              3 Family Paragraphs

Review:           Professions (through “mecánico”)

Q & A:            ¿Quieres ser mecánico?  -Sí/No, no quiero ser mecánico.

                        ¿Te gustaría ser mecánico?  -Sí/No, no me gustaría ser mecánico.

Warm-up:        Write a 4th paragraph, choose someone from a different generation

Notes:              How to use the imperfect tense to talk about family (see full notes from a friend)

                        Mi padrastro se llamaba Joe, tenía 69 años, era profesor, le gustaba viajar.

Tables:             Define the questions on ½ Sheet- Familia

Classwork:    Interview partner with Familia ½ Sheet

                        Use full questions & answers (orally), only write partner’s answer

Wednesday, November 20

1st& 2nd Hours are 15-20 minutes shorter today (Assembly)

Song:               ¿Cómo es?- Fill in the blanks with the correct lyrics

Tables:             Identify all of the professions, nationalities & adjectives in each stanza

                        D = descripción, P = profesión, N = nacionalidad

Classwork:    Complete the 26? Interview with your partner

4th& 5th:         TURN IN 26 Interview Answers

Homework:    4th& 5thHours ONLY

                        ¿Cómo es? Packet, p. 2

                        DUE:  Thursday, November 21