Week 12

Monday, November 18

Game:              Alrededor del Mundo (verbos)

Practice:           Review flashcards for two minutes

Quiz:               Prueba 1A-1 (verbos)

Group:            Correct Quiz

Song:               Mambo

Tuesday, November 19- New Seats

W-U:               Basic Q & A, name, condition, origin, age, b-day

Tables:             Race to finish Core Practice 1A-1 Worksheet (verbs)

Song:               Mambo

Q & A:            ¿Te gusta bailar?

                        -Sí, me gusta (mucho/un poco) bailar.

                        -No, no me gusta (nada) bailar.

Classwork:    Fruit Survey

Q & A:            ¿Qué no te gusta hacer?

                        -No me gusta (nada) bailar.

                        *A mí sí. O A mí tampoco.

Homework:    Core Practice 1A-1 Worksheet (mini conversations)

                        DUE:  Wednesday, November 20

Wednesday, November 20

Group:           Go over Unit Test & Verb Test

DUE:              Practice Workbook 1A-2

Song:               Mambo

Practice:           Share your homework by role-playing the mini comversations

Group:             Correct Homework in class                 

Notes :             ¿Qué te gusta más, bailar o cantar?

                        -Me gusta más bailar.

                        -Me gusta bailar y cantar.

                        -Me gusta (mucho/un poco) bailar pero no me gusta (nada) cantar.

                        -No me gusta ni bailar ni cantar.

Q & A:             Practice the above conversation pieces with your partner

                        Substitute different verbs to change your question

Thursday, November 21

Song:               Mambo

Warm-up:        ¿Qué te gusta más, bailarcantar? (5 minutes- use my flashcards or your book)

Read:               P. 36, Gramática (infinitives)

Video:             Gramactiva (infinitives)

Q & A:            Practice with the video- ¿Te gusta bailar?

Notes:              Infinitives are verbs that mean “to do something”

                        There are only 3 forms: ar, er, ir

Writing:           P. 36, #12 (ar, er, ir columns)

Listening:        P. 37, #13 (ar, er, ir)

Practice:           P. 37, #14- Look up words in the glossary and add them to your columns


Friday, November 22

Song:               Mambo

Practice:           Using bilingual dictionaries (Spanish to English)

Tables:             Define the new Master Verb List

Writing:           On the reverse, answer each question with a full sentence

                        If you need to know a word, look it up in the dictionary (English to Spanish)

                        Ex.  ¿Qué te gusta hacer cuando hace frío?

                                    -Me gusta patinar sobre hielo cuando hace frío.

                                    -Cuando hace frío, me gusta pasar por tobogán.

Homework:    Complete both sides of Master Verb List worksheet

                        Look up 5 new verbs that are not already on our list

                        DUE:  Monday, November 25