Week 11

Monday, November 11

Note:               1 Extra Day for Crossword Homework (P-10)

Group:             Review for Test

TEST:            Cumulative Exam (Qtr. 1)

Homework:    Practice P-10 Crossword

                        DUE: Tuesday, November 12

Tuesday, November 12

Classwork:    Communicative Activity:  Time

                        TURN IN

Tables:             Create your own Go Fish game

                        Each person colors THEIR two objects the same color

                        No one can repeat those colors

Game:              ¡Pesca!

                        Tienes un libro rojo? (ask for the object with the appropriate color)



                        Tienes una carpeta roja?



                        Sí, tengo un libro rojo. (Pasa la tarjeta)

                        No, no tengo un libro. Pesca!

Wednesday, November 13

Songs:             Me gusta comer


Writing:           Fill in the lyrics to “Mambo” & sing:)

Read:               Mini-dialogues on p. 26

Notes :             1- ¡Me gusta mucho bailar !

                        2- ¡A mí también!  También me gusta cantar.


                        2- ¡A mí no!  (A mí) me gusta jugar videojuegos.


1-   ¿Qué te gusta hacer?

2-   (A mí) me gusta (un poco/mucho) cantar.

Q & A:            Practice the above conversation pieces with your partner

Homework:    Make flashcards for verbs

                        Write the Spanish on the REVERSE of the flashcard (see p. 52)

                        Make up 5 of your own- draw the verb and define on the back

                        DUE:  Thursday, November 14

Thursday, November 14

Song:               Mambo

Practice:           Study your flashcards & quiz your partner

Q & A:            Practice mini-conversations from yesterday (see Wed. 11/13)

Notes:              ¿Te gusta bailar?

                        -Sí, me gusta (mucho) bailar.

                        -No, no me gusta (nada) bailar.

Game:              ¡Pesca!

                        ¿Te gusta bailar?

                        (If you have the card) -Sí, me gusta (mucho)bailar.  

                        (If you DO NOT have the card) -No, no me gusta (nada) bailar. ¡Pesca!

Friday, November 15- Limited Classes

Warm-up:        Use flashcards to quiz yourself and partner

Games:            Around the World (#1-100)

                        Charades- take turns acting out the verb, keep score

Group:            Double check accuracy of your flashcards- compare with teacher

Homework:    Study for Verb Quiz

                        Test is on Monday, November 18