Week 11

Monday, November 11

Songs:            Un poco loco & La Llorona

Extra Credit: Translate La Llorona

                        DUE: Tuesday, November 12

Pass back homework

Clean out binders

Review:           P. 42, Tener

Video:             Gramactiva (tener)

Practice:           P. 42, #14 (match tener to the correct subject)

Group:             Quizlet (querer + infinitive)


Tuesday, November 12

Game:              Alrededor del Mundo (#1-100)

Q & A:            P. 43, #16

                        ¿Cuántos años tiene la madre de Guiilermo?

                        -La madre de Guillermo tiene cuarenta y tres años.

Classwork:    Communicative Activity:  ¿Qué quieren hacer todos? (Querer + Infinitive)

                        TURN IN

Tables:             Core 5A-5 (tener)

Homework:    Finish Core 5A-5 & reverse (tener idioms…again)

                        DUE:  Wednesdday, November 13

Wednesday, November 13

DUE:              La Llorona Extra Credit

                        Core 5A-5 & reverse (tener idioms)

Group:             Correct Core 5A-5 & discuss

                        TURN IN if finished with reverse

Warm-up:        2-sided Tener Worksheet (tener with tener ganas de/tener que)

Classwork:    9 Interviews with “tener”

                        Go over questions & possible answers before starting

                        Interview partner, respond with full sentences, write findings in 3rdperson

Homework:    ½ Sheet Translations with Tener & Querer (conjugate both) 

                        DUE:  Thursday, November 14

Thursday, November 14

DUE:              ½ Sheet Translations with Tener & Querer

Listening:        Audio 5A #6 (la hermana de mi madre…es mi tía)

Correct:           Homework & Audio #6

Practice:           P. 38 #6 (oral), p. 39 #7 (write answer), P. 42 #15 (math prob), p. 43 #17 (party)

Review:           la piñata, los dulces, las flores, el papel picado, los regalos, el pastel

Hours 1-2:       La Familia de La Sra. Sparks- listen and follow the Family Tree

Friday, November 15- Limited Classes (field trip)

Hours 1 & 2:               Correct two pages of 7thgrade test

Hours 4 & 5:               La Familia de La Señora Sparks

Movie:                         Moana (25 minutes)