Week 10

Monday, November 4

Movie:            Coco

Classwork:    As you learn the characters, fill in their name net to their descritption

Handout:         Coco Songs:  Un poco loco & La llorona

Tuesday, November 5

Movie:             Finish Coco (4 minutes)

Group:             Correct Character Descriptions (Coco)

                        Identify new vocabulary

Writing:           Use Miguel’s Family Tree to model your own family tree

                        Write your relatives’ names & their relationship to you in notes

Songs:             Un poco loco 

Tables:             Translate the song- what are they saying???

Wednesday, November 6

Tables:             Finish translating Un poco loco- what are they saying???

Song:               Un poco loco (Spanish & English)

Intro:               Chapter 5A, La Familia de Cristina

Read:               P. 31, Los objetivos del capítulo

Q & A:            P. 32, Respond to my questions about Cristina’s family

Read:               P. 32, Cristina’s quotes; answer additional questions

Thursday, November 7

Review:           ¿Cómo te llamas?  -Me llamo Jenny.

                        ¿Cómo se llama él/ella?  -Él/Ella se llama John/Jenny.

Song:               Fiesta- what are we going to learn???

Notes:              ¿Tienes tíos? ½ Sheet (8 questions)

                        Define question & write a response (follow prompts)

Q & A:            Interview your partner with the ¿Tienes tíos? ½ Sheet

Listening:        P. 33, #1 Audio (T/F, la familia de Cristina)

Writing:           Core Practice 5A-1 (fill in family tree & complete T/F), correct in class

Notes:              Conjugate “llamarse” & “tener”

Classwork:    Start Communicative Activity 5A-1 (Family Tree, names & ages)