US Studies
Students will play the Oregon Trail after completing the Webquest
PDF US Studies Syllabus 2018-19   --  A copy of the syllabus handed out to students on 8/28/18
PDF Remediation Form   --  Students can use this form to correct their tests/quizzes to earn back points. Due 2 weeks after the quiz is handed back.
PDF Major Battles of the Civil War Timeline Simulation   --  Students will play a simulation as either the North or South in order to better learn about the battles of the American Civil War. Due 4/10.
document Civil War Webquest   --  Due 4/10
PDF Notes 4/9-4-10   --  Notes and Kahoot review link for Emmancipation Proclamation Quiz on 4/11
PDF Lecture slides from 4/12   --  Gettysburg and Vicksburg lecture slides from 4/12/19
PDF Slavery by Another Name   --  Students will view the documentary "Slavery by Another Name" in class 4/24-4/26 and answer the questions on the worksheet. Answers for questions are located at the bottom of the document. Due 4/26.
PDF The Story of US: Heartland   --  Students will view the documentary "The Story of US: Heartland" in class on 4/29 and complete the questions as they view the film. Due 4/30.
PDF Moving West Webquest   --  Well yee-haw there ya varmints!! I reckon you think you can just saddle up and ride into the West without stopping to ponder for one minute. That’s where you’re wrong! Using that new fangled, fancy glass box you got there, you’re gonna have to do some real research before you can really be ready to vamoose on out here to the range! By the end, you’ll be able to decide if it worth yer troubles! This is an INDEPENDENT assignment! You must answer ALL of the questions! We will access ONLY the websites given on my website After completing this assignment, you will have a far greater understanding of the factors leading to Westward Expansion, and will be able to make an educated decision as to whether or not you yourself would move west. To access the website information (with clickable links) follow this procedure: Go to my class website Click on the website links when prompted during the webquest Answer all questions using full sentences Put a star by your name on the top to show me you have read and understand the instructions. Assignments will not be accepted until this has been done! Have fun ☺ Due 5/2
PDF Chapter 24: Tensions in the West   --  Students will read the chapter and answer questions in the associated packet.
document Chapter 24.1-24.4   --  Read pg 337-341 and answer the questions in the packet. Due 5/3/19.
PDF Imperialism/Spanish American War Webquest   --  Students will begin working on the webquest on 5/7 and finish working on 5/8.
PDF The United States and WWI Research Links   --  Students will learn how America was drawn into the First World War
PDF WWI Propaganda Poster Project   --  Students will be creating and designing a propaganda poster in class from 5/15-5/17. Due on 5/17.
PDF Wilson's 14 Points and the League of Nations   --  Students will record Wilson's 14 points and read about the League of Nations after the conclusion of the First World War! Due 5/23
document Prohibition Webquest   --  Students will be learning about the passage of the 18th Amendment and the changing attitudes towards passage of the amendment over time. Due Tuesday, 5/29.
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