US Studies
Students will play the Oregon Trail after completing the Webquest
PDF US Studies Syllabus 2018-19   --  A copy of the syllabus handed out to students on 8/28/18
PDF Remediation Form   --  Students can use this form to correct their tests/quizzes to earn back points. Due 2 weeks after the quiz is handed back.
PDF Major Battles of the Civil War Timeline Simulation   --  Students will play a simulation as either the North or South in order to better learn about the battles of the American Civil War. Due 4/10.
document Civil War Webquest   --  Due 4/10
PDF Notes 4/9-4-10   --  Notes and Kahoot review link for Emmancipation Proclamation Quiz on 4/11
PDF Lecture slides from 4/12   --  Gettysburg and Vicksburg lecture slides from 4/12/19
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