English Language Arts

Updated: Aug. 27, 2018 

District Benchmark Reading Curriculum: Click to learn more about Benchmark

  • Along with Benchmark, our ELA curriculum includes reading class novels, independent reading, expository, fiction & poetry writing, spelling/vocabulary words, journaling, speaking and listening activities, and integrated ELA/SS research projects. 
  • Students should bring their ELA & SS binder, an agenda book, journal and independent reading book to class daily!
  • Library Day w/Ms. Gretchen & the amazing library crew is Wed. at 10:05 am (Block #1). and at 1:05 pm (Block #2)

Current English Language Arts Learning Targets:   

  • I can choose a good book for independent reading.      
  • I can build good listening and speaking habits 
  • I can understand the author's purpose, to persuade and to inform.    
  • I can explain an author's perspective in a poem or novel.

Please let me know if you have any questions about English Language Arts.   

Ms. Krawetz :-)

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