Educational Beliefs

My core beliefs include building relationships with my students and their families, incorporating culturally relevant teaching in my practice, and establishing a community of learners where students are accepted and celebrated for who they are.

I believe it is crucial to build relationships with students and the families of my students. Establishing these relationships improves everything that goes on inside of the classroom.

Culturally relevant teaching means that I incorporate my students’ cultural strengths into the learning process. It means that there is an appreciation for the cultures represented in my class and school. I believe that students have to see themselves in the classroom and in the curriculum otherwise learning has little value. I strive to have a personal connection with every student, ensuring that the content is relevant to students’ culture and life experiences. I will foster a community of learners where each student is a valued member of the class. I will teach my students respect, responsibility, and collaboration.

I am a life-long learner. As a teacher, my learning will never end. I want to learn from my students, just as they learn from me. I also want to continue learning through professional development and continued course work. I am here to learn from everyone. I am a team member. This includes a classroom team, grade level team, school team, and district team.

I aspire for my classroom to be a place where students want to be, where they are excited to learn, and where they know they can feel successful in their learning. I want my students to know that it is okay to make mistakes and ask questions. I want them to know that learning takes effort and perseverance, and that our classroom is a space filled with support and encouragement. I firmly believe that all kids can learn. Every student has to feel wanted, accepted, and valued in the classroom and in the school. My students will know that they matter. I will be there for them unconditionally, helping them learn, grow, and acquire a love of learning.