Study Tips

There are a number of activities that you can do on your own in order to practice, review or jump ahead in Spanish.  

Remember, your teacher can always provide you with additional help but you too can help yourself.

Please keep in mind that we are not limited to the following list of suggestions (let me know if you think of additional ideas):

1. Visit my teacher website to remind yourself what we did in class

2. Visit (8th grade) for games and activities that follow the book

    Visit (7th grade) for games and activities that follow the book  

3. Watch a familiar movie (cartoons are fun) but switch the language to Spanish & use English subtitles

4. Watch a Spanish TV channel, #99 in Minneapolis

5. Call a friend on the phone & practice various conversational pieces (texting works too:)

6. Teach someone in your family what you learned in class.  You'll be the expert!

7. Google, Google, Google!!!  You can type in anything and find a million websites to suit your needs

8. Visit iTunes and download a podcast or song in Spanish 

9. Visit YouTube & search Spanish

10. Continue to practice in class, give it your best, and have fun!