This quarter's Design Topics projects will happen in the following order. They have varying time frames, depending on the needs of the class. 

Great Chain Race: teams will create the longest possible paper chain, given a 12x18 piece of paper

Air Drop: teams will design a contraption that will land upright reliably.  

Trampoline: students will be building miniature trampolines and thinking about the physics behind how trampolines work

Miniature Golf: we will be designing miniature miniature (get it?) golf holes

String Art: we will be working on a string project which incorporates both math and art

Hot Air Balloon: teams will be building, launching, and recording data on their hot air balloons

Cardboard Arcade: building arcade games out of cardboard and holding a mini carnival for younger students

Rube Goldberg Machine: teams will be creating chain reaction machines that perform a simple function in a highly complicated way