September 30 Newsletter


Algebra 8: Students are working on their individual learning target. I shared the communication file for each student with his or her parent/guardian. I attached a picture of the concept check to the file.

Per parents request, I attached the answers of each homework to the website. Please encourage your child to try the homework first then look at the answer key.


Intermediate Algebra: We will finish Unit 1: Statistics this week. Monday, students will finish the Unit 1 project in class. Tuesday, students will take the standard deviation and normal curve concept check.  Wednesday, we will work on the Unit 1 review. Thursday, students will take the Unit 1 test.


There are many learning targets in unit 2 that are repeated from last year, so I will give Unit 2: Advanced Solving pre-assessment this Friday to check how much they retain from last year.


Telescoped Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra: Student will work on the Unit 1 project in class. The project will cover scatterplot and writing the equation of the Line of best fit. Students will take Unit 1: Applied Linear Function test this Friday.


Geometry: We will continue Unit 1: Lines and Angles. Student will work on the parallel line project in class. This week we will cover Reasoning and Proofs, and equations of parallel and perpendicular lines.


I am available this week

Monday and Friday: morning and after school

Tuesday and Thursday: during lunch B

Wednesday: during advisory