The week of September 23

Dear Parents/Guardian


I am looking forward to meeting all of you on Curriculum Night this Thursday.

We will start with a special Q&A session about the grade level class from 5:00-5:30 in room 208.

The Math FastBridge Test will be held in class during regular schedule this Friday.


Many parents requested to see their children’s test, so I plan on returning all concept checks (quizzes) back to students to keep. I am unable to pass back unit tests to students because it is the district benchmark test.


Students may retake any concept check during my available time for full credit but they will not be able to retake the unit test.



Math count:

I encourage students to challenge themselves by joining Math count. It is a great PTA program that increases math reasoning. I will give extra credit to students who join the program. Math count will start this Wednesday at 8:30 am in room (208). 


Algebra 8: Students are working on their individual learning target. I shared the communication file for each student with his or her parent.


Intermediate Algebra: We will finish Unit 1: Statistics this week. Students will learn about standard deviation and normal curve.  We will work on the Unit 1 project in class.


Telescoped Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra: We will have a concept check this Tuesday about the three forms of linear equations, and then we will start scatterplot and Line of best fit.


Geometry: Unit 1 is the core of Geometry; it includes a lot of vocabulary. I gave each student a list of the vocabulary. This week we will cover the properties of parallel lines, including properties of angles.

Water Issue during 5th hour: Please be sure to send a water bottle with your child and discuss with them the best time to fill it. On hot days it became an issue that more than 10 students are thirsty, especially since this class is after lunch and recess. The interruption is a huge distraction to everyone.



Here is the Link to my website:


I am available this week Monday, and Friday morning and after school.

Tuesday, Thursday during lunch B, and during advisory on Wednesdays.