What's Happening in Room A201
Dec. 3
Tuesday, December 3, 2019 7:55 PM

December already?!?  We have a blizzard of things to do before winter break, so the third graders are hard at work.  

On Monday we started a multiplication and division unit called "Equal Groups."  The students were placed in new math groupings and teachers shifted around as well.  All of the groups will cover the material on the end of unit assessment.  All teachers expect students to begin learning the easier facts (x0, x1, x2, x5, x10, x3) by heart.  For those who are able, attack the more challenging facts as well.  Some classes may also have a homework packet to complete each week, so check with your child to see if this is the case.  We use the terms factor, product, array and commutative properrty as often as we can!

We continue to give the addition, subtraction, etc. math timings in homeroom on Fridays.  We'd love to have more students join those who are in subtraction or beyond, so keep practicing for 10 minutes a night!  Remember, this is MY math homework.

This week's Greek and Latin roots list is -graph, while spellers have an ar, are, air list.

Studetns are reading myths and fables with me and animal adaptations passages with Ms. Bohlman.  They are partner revising and editing their top secret writing project, one paragraph a day.

Check with your child each day Wednesday-Friday to find out what has been covered in science!


Nov. 18
Monday, November 18, 2019 7:10 PM

How is the box hunt coming?  Please see previous updates for details about what your child needs.  Boxes can be sent to school this Thursday or Friday.  They will be used on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Two special events this week:  On Wednesday we'll have a Native American Dance group performing at a morning assembly.  On Friday afternoon we'll head to sessions all over the building for STEAM Day.  Be sure to ask your child about these enjoyable and educational events!

Spellers have a list reviewing all of the spellings of the various long vowel sounds.  Greek and Latin scholars have a review week featuring the port- and miss-/mit- words.  Beginning in December I will begin a new spelling unit focusing on r controlled vowels (ar, ir, ur, er, or) as well as vowel combinations such as ou, ow, oi, oy.  If your child is asked to participate in this spelling unit, please know that they may continue with Greek/Latin in addition to spelling if they choose.  No lists next week with the two day week.

Math:  We are winding up a unit that includes numbers to 1,000, addition and subtraction and multi-step word problems, and various activities where students demonstrate their understanding of place value.  Feel free to challenge your child at home by telling them the prices of several grocery items and asking how much change they would receive from a $10.00 bill if they purchased those 3 items together.  We are writing horizontal equations:  $10.00 - ($2.39 + $1.89 + $2.58 ) = ?

Literacy:  We are partway through the rough draft stage of our top secret writing project.  If you read with your child ask her /him to notice examples of vivid verbs, descriptive words and phrases, and specific terms as opposed to vague words like food, candy, or decorations. This will help them include similar words in their writing.  Thanks!



Nov. 12
Tuesday, November 12, 2019 6:50 PM

How is box collecting progressing at your house?  From last week's update:


We need each child who will be here the week of Thanksgiving to bring in 3 boxes of different sizes for a 3 D project.  It will not be a pretty centerpiece, but a concrete model of the 3 levels of government and the 3 branches (legislative, executive, and judicial) at each level.  Hopefully by then your child will be able to explain what each branch does.  The boxes might include a large cereal box (empty) or shoe box, a medium box such as an empty granola bar box, and a small box (no smaller than 3"x3" or 2"x 4").   Check your kitchen and bathroom, basement and grandma's house.  No huge Amazon boxes, but you might find a small one that works for the medium size box.  When stacked upon each other the boxes should resemble stairs.  Happy box hunting!

Boxes may be kept in the locker or (even better) kept at home until Nov. 20 or 21.   

Thanks to Kelsey, Ruby's mom, for the fabulous Art Adventure lesson last Friday.  On Monday your child should have brought home his/her project, a Chinese money tree.  The students had a great time creating the clay base and many were very thoughtful about what they wrote on the disks that accompanied the coins. Ask your child to explain the significance of their disks!

Ask your child about the science activities and the new landforms they learn about on Thursday.  Ms. Bohlman has hand-on activities planned!  Our literacy unit on government will be ending on Friday and we'll begin new topics on Monday:  Animal Adaptations and Fables.  Ms. Bohlman and I are doubling up on reading groups to cover as much as we can while we have two teachers,

Spellers are working with the long i sound, Greek / Latin scholars have the miss- / mit- list, and all of us are studying some sort of facts:  addition, subtraction, multiplication or division (!).  We all want to get through the addition facts before winter break, so thanks for taking the time each evening to focus on a few of the trickier facts.



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