What's Happening in Room A201
Monday, June 3, 2019 2:40 PM

We are almost done!

Please send a large bag (reuasable or double bagged paper) in addition to the backpack tomorrow.  We will clean out our lockers and remove a few items from our desks. 

Please send another bag on Friday, when we'll send home all remaining items.

Please wear class t-shirts on Wednesday for the trip to Linden Hills park.  Also dress for an afternoon in the sun:  caps, sunglasses, sunscreen are encouraged.  Please apply sunscreen at home.

If possible, please wear class t-shirts on Thursday for our AM kickball tournament.  Remember to wear tennis shoes!

Family homework:  Please explore the website www.everykidinapark.gov . This program provides free passes to national parks, historic sites, and other federal lands and waters for all 4th graders and their families.  Apply in September when your child is a 4th grader, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits until Aug. 31. 2020.  Reservations often need to be made a year in advance, so start researching your favorite sites together now! 

P.S.  The persuasive letter encouraging you to visit a certain park is coming home today. 

It has been a pleasure to work with your child this year.  Have a wonderful summer!

May 28
Tuesday, May 28, 2019 4:45 PM

This week is packed with special activities!  Today we listened to the orchestra and jazz band from the Upper Campus before departing for a spectacular show by Chinese acrobats at the Ordway Theater.  Ask your child to tell you about both events!

On Wednesday Nina's dad, Ryan, will lead us in a special lesson on city planning.  This is his area of expertise!  On Friday Amy Speck will teach the final Junior Achievement lesson.  We've been learning a lot about finances through this program.  Last week students played a game involving deposits and withdrawals.  I believe check writing is on the agenda as a small part of this week's activities.

In between we are working on cursive, economics concepts and engineering.  We still have math (multiplication and long division) classes until Friday, which will also be the date of our final timing.  Let's see if we can all make good progress in this last timing!

No spelling or vocabulary lists, but students do have a homework assignment to bring in by the end of the week.  They have been asked to create an object or find one they already made.  After drawing their creation, they are to list the resources used in the process, including human resources, natural resources, capital resources and intermediate goods.  Each student has an assignment sheet and a reference packet to assist in the mini-project.  So far we've learned what was needed to create a potholder, a God's Eye, a pillow, a cupcake. a painting, and eye make-up.

Our engineering lessons give us a chance to explore bioengineering.  After listening to a story about a boy who is inspired to create a membrane to drip water on his frog, we will be doing the same thing.  Juan Daniel got his idea from nature.  Today we played a matching game, linking technologies to things in nature that serve the same function.  Tomorrow we'll test materials for our model membranes as we follow the engineering design process. 

May 21
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 4:30 PM

It has been very exciting to see how many students made progress last week on their multiplication or division facts timing!  We will take our timing on Thursday this week due to the field day event on Friday.  The spelling test will also be on Thursday.  No more Greek/Latin lists this year, and this will be the last spelling test. (squ, thr, shr)

We are finishing our persuasive letter final copy and I expect you'll see it late next week after I have a chance to review each one.  We're also writing a long paragraph to compare two books by Patricia Polacco. Now that testing is over we have time to practice cursive writing again, too.

Please ask your child to show you how to solve a few long division problems and multiplication of 3 digits by one digit.  If either is difficult, we appreciate your taking the time to walk your child through the steps.  We have modeled a lot at school but feel like more students would benefit from 1:1 help for longer than we can provide.  Thanks!

This week's special events include a Junior Achievement lesson by volunteer Amy Speck, an economics lesson where students decide how to use their money after paying taxes on their salary (buy, save, share with a charitable organization), and the start of our Engineering unit, where we learn about membranes and attempt to design one.

Last week we learned about the erosion that caused St. Anthony Falls to travel to its current location and the efforts to keep the falls in place once mills were built.  Then we traveled to the Mill City Museum for a fun visit to learn about the milling industry.  We also walked out on the Stone Arch Bridge for a closer look at the falls that were behind the growth of our city.  Thanks to our wonderful chaperones! 

Please have your child dress for the weather on Friday and bring a waterbottle filled at home.  We can't wait to see what fun Ms. Chase has planned for this year's field day!

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