What's Happening in Room A201
Oct. 14
Monday, October 14, 2019 5:55 PM

We are so glad to have the opportunity to meet with each family for conferences!  Thank you for helping us get to know your child even better.

Homework:  Please keep the moon journal going for 2 more weeks, even on days off.  This is a month-long project so we can observe all of the phases of the moon. (Sorry!) . We hope your child has started the projects she/he has chosen for the space tic tac toe, due Oct. 25.  No spelling nor Greek/Latin list this week as students only have two days with us.  Our next math timing will be next week, so keep practicing those addition facts!  Ms. Tilleson came today to help us celebrate our progress.

Today we visited the bookfair and we'll return tomorrow, so feel free to send money for purchases.  

Please collect metal lids from orange juice concentrate,  We have a large collection from another teacher but still need about 50 lids.  Please send each lid to school as soon as it becomes available.  I'll let you know when we have enough.  Thanks!

We sugggest reminding your child to show you the contents of his/her blue folder each day.  Please remove corrected assignments and fliers.  Send back worksheets completed at home as well as the vocabulary list, since it is helpful for the Tuesday assignment in class.  Many third graders aren't quite ready for the responsibility of remembering to show you the folder each day without a reminder.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Oct. 8
Tuesday, October 8, 2019 7:30 PM

We are so impressed with all the talents that have been shared during our extended talent show!  Magic tricks, piano playing, a comic routine, a cat duet, singing, guitar playing, breakdancing, Irish dancing, gymnastics, football passes and artwork were all on display.  Thanks to all of the students who entertained us with their special skills!

On Monday we began our next math unit, Numbers to 1,000.  Students from the five 3rd grade classrooms are assigned a "just right" math class for the unit based on pretest scores and preliminary information.  We will take another pretest in mid-November and set up new groups for the next unit "Equal Groups" in December.  All students take the same post tests.  Some teachers will send home a packet of homework, usually due at the end of each week.

I ask that students continue to spend 10 minutes daily practicing addition facts with an adult, so students can quickly find sums and not get bogged down using their fingers.  Students will be solving complex multi-step word (story) problems involving addition and subtraction in this unit, and knowing one's facts without counting up or down is extremely helpful.  We celebrated all the students who had made gains of at least 3 problems correct on their math timings.  Keep practicing those facts so we can honor your child each week!

Ms. Bohlman is introducing us to the OREREREO model of opinion writing. (Opinion, Reason, Evidence, Reason, Evidence, Reason, Evidence, Opinion)  We are writing about our favorite character in the story Jack and the Beanstalk.  The students are also using this form as they write their opinion of the books they are finishing up in reading groups.

This week's Greek/Latin list is a review of the spec and dict words.  Some students are practicing spelling instead.  Spellers were identified using a spelling inventory and will be focusing on alternate ways to spell the long vowel sounds.  They had the option to continue to participate in Greek/Latin roots as well but so far nobody has chosen to do so.  Both the spelling test over the long A sound and the Greek/Latin quiz will be on Friday.

This Friday we also look forward to a school-wide assembly, our final incentive from the Fun Run (arts and crafts hour) and our first KIndergarten Buddy session.

Thanks for being so diligent about reminding your child to check on the moon each night!  We had wonderful moon log entries despite the cloudy week. 

The tic tac toe of space activities (pink sheet) should be started by now.  The actiities are due on October 25.  You may wish to remind your child to research while at school, as I have a variety of space books from the public library in my classroom.  Completing the activities is homework.  We are eager to see the students' creative work!

Ms. Bohlman and I look forward to meeting everyone again at conference time.  It is an honor to work together with you to support your child's growth!


Sept. 30
Tuesday, October 1, 2019 1:25 PM


This week we are finishing up our constellation stories, showing what we know on a graphing assessment, reading fiction and noticing flashbacks, similes, and point of view.  We’ll also watch a DVD on the moon.  I’m guessing the storm Monday interfered with our moon watching at home, but please try again tomorrow night!  


Friday will be a delightful day!  Once we are done with the weekly math facts timing and vocabulary quiz, we’ll watch a movie and have popcorn in the morning.  (Fun Run incentives) Following pictures, we have a guest coming from an organization called Seed Savers.  Ask your child about their “apple presentation.”  Next we’ll have our talent show and PTA sponsored pizza party.  Our final incentive (selected by the students) will be the following week – an hour of arts and crafts!


Speaking of fun activities, here's one to try at home.




This week’s homework:

        *moon journal (nightly – use the website if the moon is not visible)

        *study dict- words

        *read for 20 minutes or more 

        *practice your addition math facts nightly with flashcards or another method

        **Watch for a “tic tac toe” of space activities to come home on Thursday after it is explained in class.  At least two of the activities need to be completed at home by Oct. 25.  Projects will be shared in class.



Dragon Dash Families,


Thank you so much for supporting this year’s Dragon Dash! The program was a huge success, and I know everyone had so much fun! There’s just one more thing left to do.


We need your help collecting all of our pledges. As a class, we raised $6330.70 — our goal is to collect 100% of all pledges by 10/03/2019.


All sponsors that included their email address when making a pledge will receive an email reminder and instructions to pay for their pledge. Please reach out to those sponsors who did NOT include their email address to let them know they can send cash or check to you, which will then be sent to school in your child’s collection envelope (coming home soon).


Finally, please encourage your student to thank all of their sponsors for helping our school!


Thank you again for your support! Let me know if you have any questions.







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