Reading Links
Choice Reading starts our day
In Choice Reading, students read alone or with a partner books. that interest them; these can be at any level.


For parents that would like help finding books close to their child's reading level, or you want to check the level of a book, here are some websites that can help.


Scholastic Books Wizard  website has a page that allows you to find books at your child's level, even narrowing it down to books that match your child's interest at that level.

(note: this is Scholastics main website and you will see books etc. for sale. This link isn't meant as any kind of a solicitation to purchase anything - just a good resource to find appropriate titles for you child's reading level.)


Leveled Book Lists

When using this list, it may be helpful to use the "find" feature (Ctrl-f) on your computer for quick searching.

Marzano's Reading Comprehension


Use this set of questions to develop strong reading comprehension skills.