Literacy Throughout the Day


"My reading door is super-glued open! (Jonah shared this quote with me shortly after a talk about the parts of the brain being like rooms with doors!)

Choice Reading starts every day. This is a time when your child enjoys a book at any level. He/she chooses it. Your child may partner read.  Often the children engage in research to answer questions that come up as they engage in nonfiction in their Wonder Journals. I am reluctant to ring the bell on some mornings and transition to Morning Meeting because all of my chlldren are engaged with text! 

Shared Reading is when students read along with me a text or poem that I have read.  The piece is either up on the Board for all to see and I use a pointer, or students have individual copies for these repeated readings.

Read Aloud is a time when students gather around on the carpet and I read a story to them.  We may work deeply on the story or just explore a few points.


is when students are reading alone at their instructional level for a period of time.  This gives students time to practice reading and to build fluency.  Rereading texts is an important part of this in first grade.

Instructional Level Reading happens with the teacher.  The student is reading a text that includes new phonics components or literary features.  Various instructional techniques are used to help the child master the text, so that the reading "sounds like talking".

Every day, students read books at their Independent Level during the Work Period of Readers' Workshop.  Sometimes students will have to respond to text in their Wonder Journals.  During the Work Period, we have Guided Reading groups Tuesday - Friday; this is when students are taught at their Instructional Level.  Ms. Jurgens comes Tuesday - Friday and meets with the reading groups, too.  This allows for a lower class size during this crucial time. 

On Mondays during Independent Reading, I confer with individual students to make sure they are progressing.  I also use this time to assess.

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