Week of October 21

Dear Parents/Guardian


We have two more weeks until the end of the quarter.


I am looking for volunteersfrom 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM daily. No prior math skills required. Consistent times are preferred. Such as an hour every Monday, and so on.


Algebra 8:Students are working on their individual learning target. We collect the homework notebook (Yellow) every Monday to check the previous week’s homework.



Intermediate Algebra:We are working on Unit 2: Advanced Solving. We will learn about the five representations of linear function and how we start with one form and find the other four. We will have concept check on Friday.



Math of the Mandela classwill start this Thursday after school. The class for any Intermediate Algebra student that wants to challenge himself or herself more in math. I will be covering all the Geometry class content in this class. The class will be after school every Thursday in room 208. If the student gets more than 860 in the 8thgrade MCA and attends every Thursday after school for the whole year, I will give him/her a letter to join the advanced math class at Southwest High School. Register for the class by filling out the after school form. Here is a link to the form:



Telescoped Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra:We are working on Unit 2: System of Equations and Inequalities. Students will learn how to write the equation of parallel and perpendicular lines. We will have concept check this Wednesday.



Geometry:We are working on Unit 2: Triangles part 1. Students will be learning about congruent triangles. We will have concept check this Friday.




I am available this week

Monday and Friday: morning and after school

Tuesday and Thursday: during lunch B

Wednesday: during advisory


Thank you very much,

Abir Ismail