Oct 07 Newsletter


I am looking for parent volunteer from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM daily. No prior math skills required.

Consistent times are preferred. Such as an hour every Monday, and so on.


Algebra 8: Students are working on their individual learning target. Mrs. Radde co-teaches the class with me. We give small group lessons daily. We shared the communication file for each student with his or her parent/guardian. We attached a picture of the concept check to the file. The answers of each homework is linked to the website. Please encourage your child to try the homework first then look at the answer key. We collect the homework notebook (Yellow) every Monday to check the previous week’s homework.



Algebra 8 Grading:  Grading for this class will be completely different. As each student works on his/her own learning target. I will put a homework, classwork, effort, and concept check grade weekly. It will be general. To know which concept check your student passed you have to check the Checklist Google file that we shared with you. Homework and classwork are weighted at 10% each, Effort grade is 5%, and Concept check and the post assessment will be 75%. Students must pass one concept check weekly.  It is very important to meet with me to know how this class works. If you have not signed up for a conference with me yet please use the link below to sign up. If you have Mrs. Radde as your advisor, no need to sign because she will explain to you how the class works during your conference with her.




Intermediate Algebra: We will start Unit 2: Advanced Solving. We will learn about the five representations of linear function and how we start with one form and find the other four.


I am offering Math of the Mandela class for any Intermediate Algebra student that wants to challenge himself or herself more in math. I will be covering all the Geometry class content in this class. The class will be after school every Thursday in room 208. Register for the class by filling out the after school form. Here is a link to the form:




Telescoped Algebra 8/Intermediate Algebra: Student will take Unit 1: Applied Linear Function test this Thursday. We will start Unit 2: System of Equations and Inequalities on Friday.




Geometry: We will finish Unit 1: Lines and Angles. Students will work on different types of Proofs. Students will take the Unit 1 test on Thursday. We will start Unit 2: Triangles part 1 on Friday.



I am available this week

Monday and Friday: morning and after school

Tuesday and Thursday: during lunch B

Wednesday: during advisory