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Ms. Gillingham, Ms. Eiden, and me on "Dress Like a Tourist Day"

7/8th grade English and Language Arts       


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Quarter Four Reading Log and Book Club Form due Thursday May 23 (Group Presentations the week of May 20-24)

Monday April 15,  2019

  • 7th and 8th grade students will take the state standardized MCA test during class
  • No Homework other than reading DEAR Books and journal writing - 4 pages freewrite for the week

Tuesday April 16, 2019:

  • All students continue to take MCA test during class
  • 7th grade Journal Q 4 1.1 from last week: You in the Annex: What would you take with you into the Annex? How would you remain optimistic and persevere like Anne? (2 pages, may freewrite after prompt)
  • 8th grade Journal Q 4 1.1 from last week: "Fight": Have you ever been angry enough like Scout to want to punch someone? Did you? Tell your story. What do you do to calm down? (2 pages, may freewrite after prompt)

Wednesday April 17, 2019: 

  • All students continue to take MCA test during class
  • If students are finished with the test they will meet with Book Clubs/please have your book club book ready in class

 Thursday April 18, 2019

  • 7th grade Journal Q4 1.2:Future You from last week: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?Will you be working? Going to school? Where will you be living? Who are your friends? (2 pages, may freewrite after prompt)
  • Journal freewrite 4 pages for this week
  • Journal Check Q4 due tomorrow
  • 7th grade reads Anne Frank?
  • 8th grade Journal Q4 1.2: Gun Article TOW
  • Journal freewrite 4 pages
  • Journal due at the end of class
  • 8th grade reads TKM?

Friday April 19,  2019:

  • 7th grade journaling - due at the end of class
  • 7th grade skimming the rest of The Diary of Anne Frank independently
  • 8th grade has Race to Justice Field Trip walking to SW HS = Be sure to turn in your Permission slip to your advisory teacher

Next Week:

8th grade students should have read chapters 11-16 of To Kill a Mockingbird by Monday morning

7th grade students will be assigned their final "Anne Frank and Me" Personal Diary 






About Me:

Hi, my name is Deborah Hansen, and I love teaching middle school Language Arts.  I earned my MS in Urban Teaching from Metropolitan State University and my Reading licensure and Journalism degree from The University of Minnesota.  I have two children, a 26 year-old son named Ethan, and a 23 year-old daughter named Elena, both graduates of Lake Harriet Community School.  My husband, Eric, and I have lived in the Linden Hills neighborhood for over 30 years.