Jane Liepitz & Nicole Zeltinger
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Week 14 UPDATE: Dec 2-6




Students came back from break to a busy week of math. We started Unit 4, which focuses on division, and are in new math groups. Students have been learning and practicing different division strategies all week. Two of the main strategies we have focused on are partial quotients and the standard formula for long division. Students have been doing very well with the material. Have students continue to practice their multiplication and division facts at home and it will make long division go more smoothly! We ended the week working on division problems with remainders. We will continue to work with remainders next week by discussing how to interpret remainders in real world problems. We stay in this unit until Winter Break. Students were also introduced to math menus this week. They will be given in class time to create 1-2 products of their choice that relate to our unit.



We had an exciting week in science class.  On Monday we discussed the many ways GERMS spread among people, and how to stay healthy with proper hand washing techniques. We also had a special parent volunteer, Dr. Dylan Zylla, come and speak to us about diseases and how doctors diagnose and treat some infections.  He even demonstrated (on a teddy bear) how he performs bone marrow biopsies on patients!  On Friday we had the opportunity to view LIVING microorganisms under the microscope. The volvox is a single celled organism that lives in colonies and is part of the larger group of organisms known as green algae.  Students were excited to observe these beautiful specimens float around under the microscope!  



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