Jane Liepitz & Nicole Zeltinger
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Week 9 UPDATE: Oct 28 - Nov 1


Students have continued to do a wonderful job with the Algebra unit. We spent many lessons using Hands on Equations where students learned to solve for one unknown variable. Then we moved on to input-output tables. Students think of these tables like machines. We put numbers into the machine and the machine uses an operation to give us an output, or a different number. Students had practice identifying the table’s rule and then learned to write the equation. After that students were able to write equations to represent word problems. We are wrapping up the Algebra unit this week with some review and will take the unit test. The next unit is Data Analysis where students will practice collecting data, displaying the results, and interpreting what the data tells them.


This week we continued studying metric measurement using 50 ml syringes to measure volume of various containers.  We will conclude the metric unit by measuring temperature with Celsius degree thermometers and wrap up our unit with a partner quiz.  The quiz will challenge kids to measure using all four tools accurately (meter tape, balance scale, syringe, thermometer) as well as apply estimation and problem solving.  We will begin our next unit on Diseases, Germs and Microorganisms next week. Students will learn how to successfully observe living organisms under a microscope as well as research diseases and avoid spreading germs (disease prevention).




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