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WEEK 1 was a big success!  Here is an update on math & science in room 003!


This week we took the unit 1 pretest (large number multiplication) and worked on establishing a “growth mindset” for the coming year.  We worked on an activity called Which One Doesn’t Belong? To practice justifying our thinking using math logic.  We will begin our leveled/guided math groups next week.  The first math HOMEWORK will go home MONDAY (9/9) and is due FRIDAY every week.  One side will always be a spiral practice of all math topics (independent work).  The other side will have a few sample problems linked to our current unit learning targets.  Your child should show you how to solve the sample problems, then please initial the bottom line.  We tell the students homework is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to remember, complete and return. 


This week in science we set up our new science notebooks and started a short introductory unit on fingerprints.  Students learned how to form a hypothesis using data and are now collecting, organizing and graphing our classroom fingerprint types (loops, whorls, and arches).  Some students may be so excited about this activity that they ask to analyze YOUR fingerprints too!  Later this week we will begin our first in-depth unit on Earth Materials (rocks and minerals).  This year students will learn how to conduct experiments in small groups with specific job responsibilities to enhance their social skills and increase accountability to shared learning.  


Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!!


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