Meet Ms. Mattson

Welcome to Room 124!

This year promises to be filled with new learning, friends and fun.

I really believe I have one of the most important, complex and interesting jobs in the world. I see myself as a curious detective. I use a teaching idea called Choice Theory to determine your child's basic needs. I try to observe if they are searching mostly for love, power, freedom, fun, or survival.

I like and respect the constructivist teaching style. This is when children are given a task but they must come to the meaning on their own and defend their thinking to others. All children will get even better at defending their thinking with many details. Different ideas are very important to me. Each day we will hear many different voices rather than just mine.

Throughout the district, we use a growth mindset that Carol Dweck's Mindset book describes. As a class, we try to embrace challenges, persist with obstacles, use effort as a path of mastery, learn from criticism, find lessons and inspiration in the sucess of others, and use mistakes to help with learning. Questions that arise from this approach might include: Did you make any marvelous mistakes that you can learn from today? What questions did you ask? What can you put more effort into tomorrow?

I follow current brain research and find this new science area to be fascinating. I've researched, learned and implemented choices, humor, movement, music and fun on a daily basis. These are proven ways to increase learning with all students. I make sure our class has the opportunity for these experiences each day and I purposely write them into my lesson plans.

I'm thrilled with the district's new Investigations math series by Pearson Scott Foresman. It uses the constructivist approach and I'm on fire to start the new lessons.

We will work and play hard this year. I have high behavior and academic standards. I expect your best. I will give you my best each day. You will see and know my expectations because I write a weekly newsletter and find the benefits to be great. This will be the most magical year if we work hard together.