Math 7

7th Grade Math

Online book for reviewing prior skills:

Oct. 14-15, Oct. 21-25

During this short week and regular week, we will be thinking about adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. We will also be learning about absolute value and plotting points on a 4 quadrant coordinate grid. Quiz E will take place on Friday, Oct. 25. 

Videos that will be useful for Quiz E (there are a lot, so just look at the ones that you are uncertain about):

How do you subtract a positive number from a negative number?

How do you add two negative numbers?

How do you add a negative number to a positive number?

How do you subtract integers using a number line?

What does absolute value mean in the real world?

How do you find the absolute value of positive and negative numbers?

What is the coordinate plane?

What are quadrants in the coordinate plane?

How do you plot points in the coordinate plane?

What are the coordinate axes?

What is the X-Axis?

What is the Y-axis?

What is the origin?

What is an ordered pair?

Would you like more practice?

Finding absolute value

Absolute value game

Absolute value 

Hit the coordinate (choose "All 4 Quadrants" from the drop down menu)

Quadrants on the coordinate plaine

The following items should be in your notebook.