Week of March 11

Dear Parents/Guardians,


In Intermediate Algebra

This week we will finish Unit 4: Exponential model. We will learn exponential growth and decay. We will also learn the difference between Arithmetic and geometric sequences. We will have concept check this Friday.



In Geometry

This week we will finish Unit 4: Quadrilaterals and we will start unit 5 Polygons. We will have concept check about Quadrilaterals this Wednesday.


Grade is up to date. Encourage students to return missing assignments or retake any concept check.

I attached the classwork to the grade book and you can access the homework from the website



 (Mathematics of Mandala) before or after school

Wednesday morning from 8:20 AM

Thursday after school will finish by 5:15 PM.

We are working on solving right triangles using trigonometry.


**Math support class on Monday from 8:20 AM






I am available this week:

Monday and Friday before school from 8:20 AM

Everyday during Lunch B

And after school everyday except Thursday

During advisory on Wednesdays


Thank you very much,

Abir Ismail