In S.S. class during Q3 and Q4, we will work on a research project called The Magazine Project, where the students will create an actual magazine that features three articles on people or events that take place in one decade of history.  This project fulfills the 5th grade MN S.S. Standard of Historical Research and Inquiry.

Magazine Project Learning Targets:

1) I can research a topic, examine sources, and use evidence to draw conclusions about one decade in history.

2) I can create and format a period-style magazine to display my research.

For this project, the students will research a PERSON or EVENT in history, and then write one long magazine article (5-6 paragraphs) plus two shorter articles (3-4 paragraphs). All three article topics need to take place in the SAME DECADE, but the articles do not have to be related in content.

The students will write articles during Q3, and in Q4 will format their articles, photos and ads into a final product that resembles an actual magazine. Much of the reading and writing will take place at school, but plan on spending time at home reading & taking notes, writing “unfinished” articles, receiving editing help from parents, typing final drafts, finding period ads and photos, and formatting magazines.  

The students will work individually on this project. Please let me know if you have questions.


DUE DATES (Revised after Snow Days)

2/6 Permission Slip Signed

2/11 Article 1, Worksheet 1, Research books in class

2/19 Article 1, Worksheet 2

2/25 Article 1, First Draft, Google Docs (Worksheet 3)

3/1 Article 1, Edited and Complete, Google Docs

3/5 Article 2 Brainstorm Topics (Worksheet 4)

3/8 Article 2, Research complete (Worksheet 5)

3/15 Article 2, Draft, Google Docs

3/22 Article 3, Research Complete (Worksheet 6&7)

4/18 Article 3, Draft, Google Docs



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1 Destiny School Catalog

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5 SweetSearch

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8 e-Books Minnesota

9 Pebble Go

10 Teen Book Cloud

11 Famous people in history

12 African American Registry

13 Explora Kids  

14 Encyclopedia Britannica


16 Biographies for kids

17 Simple Wikipedia - use sources at the bottom of articles

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19 Famous Quotes

20 Events by Decade

21 Kids Encyclopedia

22 academic search (search on bottom left)

23 Another Encyclopedia

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