Magazine Project Information & Handouts

Magazine Project Resources 

Example Article #1 -Olympian, Wilma Rudolph

Said Is Dead Handout

1)  Article #1: Select one person or event, in (1) "decade" of history.
2)  Article #2 & #3 on any topic, but all (3) articles need to take place in the same decade..  

  • Article #1: Main Article: The Beatles appear on TV on Ed Sullivan, 1964.

  • Article #2: Dr. King's "I Have a Dream Speech" in 1968.  

  • Article #3: Apollo 11 Moon Landing, 1969. 

  • Ads: You'l add 3 ads from this decade to your magazine. 

Websites Resources

A. MPS Data Bases  Please log into your MPS account to use these data bases!

  1.  Destiny School Catalog  -You need to log into your MPS account for this.   
  2.  List of 100 Famous People 
  3.  Ducksters: Biographies for Kids
  4.   *Access on MPS Student Resources
  5.  Tumble Books eBooks *Access on MPS Student Resources
  6.  e-Books Minnesota   *Access on MPS Student Resources
  7.  Pebble Go  *Access on MPS Student Resources
  8.  Tumble Books Teen Book Cloud  *Access on Student Resources
  9. ELM 4 You  ----->  Then go to: Explora Kids  
  10.  Encyclopedia Britannica


  1. Famous People List  -Look up famous people in history.
  2.  African American Registr
  3.  Biography  -A great list of people in history.        
  4.  Biographies for Kids  -A great list of bios written for kids! 
  5.  Wikipedia Home Page  -An excellent place to start with research. *See resources at END of Wikipedia articl
  6.  A to Z Quotes


  1. U.S. History By Decade -- 1900-2000 -Ducksters
  2. History: Ancient History, World History and U.S. History by Period
  3. History for Kids
  4. A Timeline of the 20-Century: Decade by Decade
  5. Children's Bureau Timeline

D.  BEST OF THE 20th CENTURY (20th C  = 1900-1999)

  1. Best Athletes of 20-Century
  2. Best Movies of 20-Century
  3. Best Inventions of 20-Century
  4. 25 Movements that Changed America


  1. Time Magazine Covers
  2. The Pop History Dig *Then go to "Archive" then to the "Decade" you need to research!
  3. Pop Culture Timeline
  4. TV Shows by Decade, from 1967 on.......
  5. Broadway Shows by Decade
  6. Board Games of 20-Century

F. ADS:  Vintage Ad Browser