Laker White Volleyball 2016-17

Twenty three athletes make up the Laker White volleyball program at Lake Harriet this year.  We will be playing conference games against other middle school teams, as well as joining Southwest High School in a few of their program matches.  Coaches are Lorna Wilson and Richard Sisson.

2nd in Minneapolis

Laker White 1 took a strong Marcy Open team to 3 sets, and staged an exciting come-from-behind rally in game 3 that wasn't quite enough.  They finished in 2nd place in the City conference, capping a terrific season.  Great job, team!

End of Season Tournament

Congratulations to Laker White 1 for winning the "Late Start Schools" tournament on Saturday, Oct 15.  They play Tommie Blue 1 (Marcy Open) for the City Championship on Monday, Oct 17 at Southwest High School at 7:30 pm.

Congratulations also to Laker White 2, for an amazing tournament performance, coming in 2nd place after an upset of Laker Purple 1 to play in the tourney championship.

Wow! Go Laker White!  

Schedule of Events


Google sheet calendar of all practice and game times August-October 

Google calendar of Laker White 1 matches to add to your own calendars (Laker White 2 events to be added)


Laker White 1 - 8th Grade - Roster

Congratulations to our 8th Grade Lakers! 

  1. Lucinda E.
  2. Erica L.
  3. Sarah L.
  4. Brita L.
  5. Sylvia L.
  6. Ella P.
  7. Bella R.
  8. Sophia S.
  9. Josie S.
  10. Lucie R.
  11. Bella W.
  12. Adeline W.
Laker White 2 - 7th grade - Roster

Congratulations to our 7th Grade Lakers!

  1. Sophia B.
  2. Ella D.
  3. Bryn G.
  4. Gaby H.
  5. Katrina J.
  6. Carson K.
  7. Claire N.
  8. Brianna P.
  9. Ameya P.
  10. Marin T.
  11. Dora W.