Kelly Pier - Third Grade

About Me:

I am married with 2 children.  My daughter (Menolly) attends the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis and my son (Brennan) is at Washburn High School.   As a family we enjoy spending time camping, hiking, reading and playing games together.  I also enjoy restorative and yin yoga, listening to audiobooks, scrapbooking and indoor rock climbing.  Throughout the year I share a lot of stories with the children about my experiences and those of my family.  Moslty though they are of my pets: Laila, Fozzie and Kinsey.  This helps to build connections with what we are learning.  I do this as a model for the children and encourage them to do the same.




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Specialists Schedule

The Specialists Schedule for 2019-2020.  

Day 1 Art

Day 2 Music

Day 3 Media

Day 4 Gym


Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed to:
--  volunteer once or twice a week during morning work time.  You will work with small groups or individuals on basic math. 9:20-10:00

--  volunteer once or twice a week during the afternoon work time.  You will work with small groups or individuals on editing and other literacy related projects. 1:00-1:45 or 3:00-3:50

--  chaperone field trips.  I will send out requests as the trips come up.  

School Supply List 2019-2020

Thank you for looking at this list.  I realize it is different than the one handed out in the spring.  If you have those materials that is great as well.

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Newsletter Week Ending 11/08/19
Friday, November 8, 2019 7:00 PM


Dear Families,
This week I gave out Golden Tickets (small yellow post it notes with a turtle stamp on it) to everyone who finished their Birth and Growing Up Years plus Education note taking.  This is an easy way for you to know if your child is staying on schedule with their research project.  Also, for homework this week instead of sending home literacy work I am asking that each child find 15 to 20 pictures related to their History Maker.  Print them in 3*5 or 4*6 size with maybe one or two 5*7s for those really important pictures.  It is fine for all pictures to be black and white.  Also, I have trifold boards for all the students and construction paper for them to mount everything on.  We need the pictures at school by November 18th to write the captions for our projects.
Things to look for: 
Portrait of the History maker as a child, or an adult
photos of their childhood or adult home, 
pictures of items really important to them (airplanes, chimpanzees, White House)
a map of the places they have traveled between or areas they lived in
Pictures of places very relevant to the history maker (coffee shop they wrote in, store they worked in, countryside or city park)
If you are interested in helping to edit our rough drafts, please mark your calendar for the week of December 5th in either of two afternoon slots (12:45-1:45) or (2:55-3:50).  Thank you in advance to those who are able to come help that week.
We are continuing to work in small literacy groups on skills like: identifying the main idea of a text or short passage, providing evidence from the text to support an answer, writing deep connections and read the text deeply to find hidden answers.    Thursday we finished the final chapter of Gooney Bird: The Fabulous and wrote a summative connection.  Look for the graded copy to come home later this week.
To support our Social Studies learning about Government, all of our literacy groups are reading books related to Government right now.  The assessment for Government will be this coming Friday (November 15th).  We focus on identifying the three branches of government and their roles.  Plus the services provided by each branch and members of each branch plus how they get their positions.
Have a great weekend.