How to Find a 'Just Right' Book for Your Child
Many first grade parents are concerned that their child isn't reading enough or isn't reading the right books. The truth is, if you are concerned enough to ask these questions, then your child is already ahead of the game. Reading to your child and having them read to you (or along with you) every day is the most important thing you can do to help them develop into a successful reader. 
Does your child "only" want you to read to them? Great! That's reading.
Does your child "only" want to look at the pictures of the books you read to them before bed? Great! That's reading. 
Does your child "only" want to look at the illustrations in graphic novels? Great! That's reading. 
Does your child "only" want to read silently by themself? Great! That's reading. 
Does your child want to read chapter books like their older sibling? Great! That's reading. 
All of these methods are steps along the continuuim of literacy. Reading doesn't look the same between adults, neither does it between students or even between siblings. Your child will learn to read this year, but only they will be able to let us know when they are ready. 
Throughout the year we will use a system called Fountas and Pinnell to track your child's reading habits and growth. Nearly all books are ranked by difficulty from A-Z (based on complexity of language, word composition, comprehension skills, etc), and as students grow in their reading abilities they move up in the level of book that is appropriately challenging for them. Most kindergarten students begin at a level A and have a goal of reading at a level D by the end of the year. First grade expectations are that they enter reading at a C/D and exit to second grade at a level J. If you are looking to find books similar to those your child has already shown an interest in or books at a certain level, I have found that resources on the Scholastic Books Website are very helpful. My favorite is the Book Wizard page of the Scholastic site:
A Scholastic Books flyer will go home with your student each month, spotlighting books of interest for their grade level and fun themes based on the time of year. All orders made through these flyers must be placed online through our classroom (more info to come about this at open house night) and will be delivered to school and sent home with your child. The day Scholastic books are delivered is always a treat in our room! Plus, each book that you order equals a free book for our classroom, and who doesn't love that?