Students will be making mini notebooks for each unit (there are 6 units over the course of the year). The majority of what we do in class or at home will be put in those notebooks so that work is contained and can be easily graded. Students whould use their notebooks to review for weekly quizzes and end of unit tests. 


For the most part, homework will be what is not finished in class. Work assignments will be given with the goal of having it completed in class. If a student is using their time well and is focused, it is my intention that enough work time is given to complete the assignment in class. If you find that you are using your time very well and are still unable to finish on a regular basis, please have a conversation with me so that we can do some problem solving.  Students will have designated homework on occassion.

For students or parents who would like more practice, I will provide links on my website that you can either print or complete online. These will not be scored or graded, so when possible I will also include the answer sheets. If extra help is needed, please see the link about my weekly recess groups or making appointments. 

Checking work: 

While checking work, students will be doing four things: 1) checking their work, 2) making revisions using a pen on their homework, 3) thinking about their revisions, and 4) asking questions. Students tend to just want to revise their answer, but that is not what I'm looking for. I want students to think about which parts of the problems they understand and which parts are still confusing, and record a way that works (they can copy my work if need be). These revisions can serve as study aids as they prepare for their Friday quiz.  They will be graded on whether or not they put forth a solid effort and made revisions if needed, not on if they got the problems correct. Work must be shown directly with the problem; providing just an answer or a separate work space is not acceptable.