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This class features functional training, strength/cardio moves that utilize multiple muscle groups at a time (think CrossFit).  This type of training is very individualized, so each student will work at his or her own level and pace.  Classmates will be required to encourage each other and do their best. 

Each student will be required to complete two projects approved by me during the year.  Some of these include: any triathlon (including the Lake Harriet one), an act in the kinesthetics assembly, creating a healthy snack for everyone in class, signing up for and training for the Mpls Spartan Sprint in June, leading the class in a 45-minute athletic activity, or writing a 5-page paper about a health topic I approve.

Students need athletic shoes for class.



7th- 9/20 bike ride to Boy Scout Base Camp ropes course at Fort Snelling 

All- 11/15 ConquerNinja Gym obstacles in Burnsville

8th- 5/8 bike ride to 3rd Lair Skate Park in Golden Valley


LINK HERE for Conquer Ninja field trip https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/e/RpQbvEkd2ZreZULxDkdEkK/

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Quarter 1

6th- Resilience and Communication

7th- Fetal Development and First Aid

8th- Drugs Unit

Quarter 2

6th- Body Systems

7th- Nutrition & Fitness

8th- Stress and Disease

Quarter 3

6th- Puberty Unit

7th- Social/Emotional & Consumer Health

8th- Sex Ed

Quarter 4

6th- TBD

7th- Alcohol & Tobacco Units

8th- Making Proud Choices



About Me:


Hi everyone!

This year I'll be teaching all grades at the upper campus:

- 4th/5th grade PE

- 6th/7th/8th grade health

6th/7th/8th grade advanced fitness



This is my 11th year teaching, and I also work as a:

- part-time personal trainer/fitness instructor

- soccer/lacrosse coach and lacrosse referee

I have the best jobs in the world!!!!!



I was born in Southern California, attended St. Olaf College

for sports science plus Bethel and Bemidji State Universities

for my teaching licenses.

Now I live in Mounds View with my husband, three sons, French foreign exchange student, dog, and 2 cats.


Let’s have some fun learning this year!