Join the Lower Campus Lunchtime Green Team!

The Lower Campus Green Team is a great opportunity to see your child interact with friends while helping fill a vital need in the lunchroom. Volunteers help students properly dispose of lunch waste, recycling and compostable items, then help lunchroom staff clean and prepare for the next group. They also assist students with opening yogurt tubes and removing the occasional tough lid. It's a fun experience and one with a huge impact on students and the environment. You will get to know kids outside of your child's circle of friends and be able to interact with students from all 4 grades. 

Sign up once a month, once a week, every other month - it's your choice. And it's an easy gig: Arrive at school and check in. There are aprons to protect your clothing inside the closet located on the east wall of the lunch room. Most volunteers do not wear gloves, but if you must, Lolita has a pair of reusable rubber gloves that you may use. We do not use disposable gloves due to cost and waste (we are the Green Team, after all). Assist kids during lunch with opening items and visit with them while they eat. Once kids have finished eating you will stand behind the bins - we have one for trash, one for recycling and one for composting. Help direct the students to properly dispose of their items. Once students have finished clearing lunch you will help the lunchroom staff wipe down tables and prepare the room for the next group. It's super easy and really a lot of fun. The students like having parents present and your child will enjoy seeing you (and let's face it, we should take advantage of it while they still do). 

Please contact Claire Bryan if you have any questions.