I will be using a weighted average grading policy this year based on 4 categories of student work.  The categories and weights are as follows:


Tests - 40% of grade

These are longer, more cumulative assessments of the student's learning.  Typically these will be the end of unit tests.  I will review concepts to be tested prior to the test.

Quizzes - 30% of grade

Quizzes are shorter, more frequent assessments of current learning topics.

Homework - 15% of grade

Homework will be graded for correctness and completeness.  Students are allowed to re-do any problems that were incorrect or incomplete and turn them in for a re-grade.  Homework should be turned in by the deadline, but no points will be deducted if it is turned in late.  

Classwork - 15% of grade

Any classwork that is assigned is intended to be completed in class and turned in at the end of the class period.  I am 'grading' this as a way to hold students accountable in class as well as a tool for monitoring the students' understanding of the material. If a student is on task and making appropriate effort in class, they will receive full credit for their classwork (even if they do not complete it). If a student is absent, they will not be responsible for completing the work but can always make it up if they choose to do so.  

The grading scale will be the standard scale:


A :  93%

A-:  90%

B+:  87%

B:  83:

B-:  80%

C+:  77%

C:  73%

C-:  70%

D+:  67%

D:  63%

D-: 60%

F:  <60%