Educational Philosophy
Teaching is my passion. I believe that it is crucial for teachers of young, energetic children to exude a love of learning and discovery in order to elicit the same response from their students! Kindergarten and first grade are such special years. I am privileged to introduce your child to all the fun and joy that learning can bring, while giving them a solid foundation that will support the rest of their academic career. I believe in educating the WHOLE child during these precious primary years--academically, socially, and emotionally. Students each need to feel important and cared for by me and the rest of the LHCS community in order to to grow and feel safe at school. Our classroom will be filled with noise, movement, energy, creativity, and problem-solving activities throughout the year in order to stimulate those developing young minds in as many ways as possible. Feel free to explore the links below for resources that I identify with and derive inspiration from in my teaching practice.
Every Kid Needs a Champion by Rita Pierson
A New Kind of Kindergarten Encourages Kids to be Their Silly Selves by Robby Berman
How Does Play Shape Our Development?  by Stuart Brown
Play is More Than Just Fun by Stuart Brown