Proof Reading, Editing & Revising

Writing Checklist


  • Did I capitalize the first, last and important middle words in my title?
  • Did I start sentences with a capital letter? ___
  • Did I capitalize proper nouns? (names of people, places, things.)  -Ex. Jen, J.J.'s Coffee, or Jamaica
  • Did I insert the correct punctuation at the "end" of each sentence? ( ! ? . )  
  • Did I use correct punctuation? (  ,  "____"  :   ;  '  ) . 
  • Did I check grammar? *Ask an adult to help with this!
  • Did I proof my spelling?  *Check homophones, "sound alike" words. -Ex. their,  they're & there, and to, too & two. *Ask an adult to help you. 
  • Do my sentences have noun-verb agreement?
  • Are verbs written in the correct tense?  -Ex. talk, talks, talked, talking.


  • Did I give my article a creative and engaging title that will make readers want to read it? -Ex. “The Not So Great Depression” instead of “The Great Depression.” Or...  “One Lunar Step Forward” instead of “The First Moon Landing.”
  • Did I start my writing with an introductory sentence that makes the reader want to read more?
  • Does my concluding paragraph end my article in a powerful way?
  • Does each paragraph include an introductory & a concluding sentence?
  • Did paragraphs transition smoothly from the end of one, to the beginning of the next?
  • Did my sentences stay focused, clear and on topic?
  • Did I make interesting word choices, and not repeat words? -Ex. Use "considerate" instead of "nice.