The Dragon Dash is now Dragon Dance!


The Dragon Dance Fundraiser will take place October 19th-28th, 2020

Virtual Dance Party - October 28th


PARENTS! To give your child the best educational experience possible, we’re excited to partner with Boosterthon to raise vital funds for the LHCS PTA! The PTA uses these funds to pay for enrichment opportunities for our students, teacher stipends, technology, art supplies, and more!  This year we’re hosting a Virtual Dance Party to make that happen. Family and friends anywhere in the world can support our school by giving either a flat rate pledge or a pledge towards the number of minutes your student will dance on the day of the Dragon Dance Party on October 28th. And all donations are tax deductible (as allowed by law)!! 

Here is a quickvideo overview of our fundraising program.

What’s New This Year

-  Students will be dancing for 35 minutes during a Dragon Dance instead of running for 30-35 laps. This will be a virtual event - families will get to watch a video and dance along!

-  Prizes will be shipped directly to student’s home after the program


Things to know about this fundraiser:

•   All families can support our school by either donating, sharing on, or both Students can receive rewards when parents share from

•   All students get to participate in the Event day, regardless of financial participation

•   This fundraiser comes with an incredible character development program for students where they’ll be learning about the importance of teamwork, care, courage, grit and celebration

We are working hard to make this fundraiser safe, fun, and successful for everyone! 



Do you want your business to help sponsor Dragon Dash? Contact Nikki Niermann to get started.


1. Register on FUNRUN.COM - If you do not wish to receive prizes you may opt out by putting an asterisk (*) behind your student's last name when you sign them up. All donated prizes will go to Nellie Stone Johnson to be used for prizes at their future family picnics. 

2. Share your student's fundraising page with friends and family on social media or via email.

3. Enjoy the Virtual Dance Party on October 28th! 

4. Collect! Offline pledge money is due one week after the run. Make checks payable to "LHCS PTA." Contact Nikki Niermann to turn in offline pledges.

Please contact Nikki Niermann or Kim Kaplan with any questions.