4th & 5th Grade Curriculum (2014-15)

Physical Education at Lake Harriet Community School

Upper Campus

Grades 4, 5


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to enhance the healthy development of the whole child. We exist to educate and support all students in gaining the skills, knowledge, & social confidence to make healthy decisions throughout their lives.--MPS Physical Education & Health Dept.


The Minneapolis physical education standards reflect the knowledge that there are many benefits to leading a physically active lifestyle, including:


*           a healthier heart and body

*           greater work efficiency

*           extended life

*           decreased tension

*           greater opportunity for social interaction

*           improved sense of well-being

*           an improved quality of life


The intention of physical education is to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills in a wide variety of physical activities in order to develop and value a physical active and healthy lifestyle and to promote cooperation among students as they engage in physical activities.


As the physical education instructor here at Lake Harriet Upper, it is imperative that I notice the changes in physical education and to make the necessary adjustments that will make teaching and learning physical education more learner friendly, as well as interesting to our students today. As teachers implement the physical education standards, learning environments will change and we must change with it. 


More Emphasis

Less Emphasis

A wide variety of movement experiences and challenges

Narrow range of specialized sport skills

Cooperative activities

Competitive activities

Maximum participation

Elimination activities

Planned opportunities to acquire physical,           

cognitive, social, and emotional benefits/ goals

of physical education

“Free play” with lack of instruction

Activities appropriate to age and
developmental levels

Adult sport and fitness programs

Knowledge of movement principles

Motor skill development only

Promotion of positive habits and attitudes toward activity and fitness

Physical activities as punishment for “off task” behavior


Activities included throughout the year to assist students in meeting standards: Team, Individual and Dual Activities, Fitness Activities and Rhythm and Dance.  Examples of specific activities at the intermediate grade level would include Soccer, Football, Fall & Spring Fitness Testing, Frisbees, Climbing Ropes, Bowling Stilts, Multi-Cultural Games, Volleyball, Cross Country Skiing, Snow Shoes, Jump Ropes, Basketball & Ball Skills, Parachutes, Tennis, Scooters, Kayaking and Dance. Students have the opportunity to build, refine and develop physical skills familiar to them but are also given the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of activities that may be new to them.


Minneapolis Public Schools Physical Education Content Standards were developed using state and national standards. A few examples of grade level expectations for grades 4 and 5 are listed under each standard. Additional grade level expectations may be obtained through the MPS website.


Students explore, develop, combine and refine body and spatial awareness, motor patterns, manipulation of objects, and rhythmical movements through a wide variety of physical activities.


Fifth Grade:

*           1.2c Support and transfer weight to hands while hanging, climbing, performing stunts and traveling on various pieces of apparatus

*           1.2f Dribble around a stationary object and avoid losing control of the ball

Fourth Grade:

*           1.2a Review and demonstrate mature form in locomotor skills while participating in a variety of lead-up and modified games

*           1.3b Perform dance patterns in a line formation



Students apply movement principles in developing efficient movement skills and demonstrate knowledge of safety procedure, rules, strategies, etiquette, history, origin and cultural perspectives in a variety of activities.


Fifth Grade:

*           2.2c Demonstrate knowledge of motor skills, rules and basic strategies in a variety of lead up games

Fourth Grade:

*           2.1g Apply knowledge of non-locomotor skills in a variety of lead up and modified games and activities



Students understand the relationship of physical activity to fitness and health and achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of fitness


Fifth Grade:

*           3.1d Locate a pulse point on the body

Fourth Grade:

*           3.2c Perform correct method for safe stretching



Students demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior in a physical setting by developing self-control, cooperative skills, appropriate sports-related behavior, respect for individual differences and regard for safety


Fifth Grade:

*           4.1a Respond positively to the teacher’s decisions regarding rule infractions

Fourth Grade:

*           4.2c Show patience with others of differing skill levels



Students appreciate the benefits of play and develop values, attitudes and behaviors that encourage a physically active and healthy lifestyle


Fifth Grade:

*           5.1d Recognize that success in physical activity leads to recognition by peers

Fourth Grade:

*           5.2d Desire to improve physical ability and performance



                                                                                                            Physical Education

                                                                                                            Mr. DePerry